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Gate Guard Jobs

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Thanks to all! I'm new to escapees and new to the forum. Looking to start a business and work on the road to support my wife and myself.

There is a growing number of members who earn a living as they travel in the Escapee organization. In case you didn't know, the original group who founded the club were traveling construction workers. The couple founding Escapees, he was an electrician and she a former publisher.


At present the oil & gas drilling industry is in a shrink cycle so there are not nearly the number of positions available that were just a few months back. It could be difficult to get started into that work now because of this decline in activity but there are other alternatives. We have members who do all sorts of different work or run their own businesses while traveling so don't give up, just keep investigating. I'm sure that if you want to do this there is a way which will work for you.


One question to consider is how much do you want to work? There are seasonal positions like beet & potato harvests that work very long hours for a short period and which pay quite well. There are some who work with companies that sell fireworks seasonally, run pumpkin & Christmas-tree lots, as well as several other types of seasonal work that allows for more travel than a long term job would do. There is help around so stay with us and keep asking questions until you find your niche~

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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Amazon has a few folks that drop in here to look for Christmas season workers too, much warmer and less sticky than Christmas trees.

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There are gate guard jobs available. Any couples with no dogs or small dogs can find jobs available if you are in the Pleasanton/Cotulla area. Call Beatrice at Timekeepers. Her direct number is 210 460 9892. Jobs pay over a thousand a week and include sewer, water and electric free. Drug tests and background checks are required and paid for by Timekeepers.

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