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My American Dream


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Hello all,

I guess a little about myself is in order before we get the ball rolling... I'm 30, single, and have been struggling for a reason why I work at a job that isn't fulfilling in order to pay a mortgage for a house when I'm typically out and about traveling all over the world and generally being a better me as I chase the horizon.

So that being said, I'm selling the house and all the stuff the commercials said I needed and have decided to make a go at full time RVing.

I have some experience with all the classes and have my heart set on a class C but I'm also very frugal and was hoping that you fine folks could point me in the right direction.

It doesn't have to be anything fancy and I'd like to keep the size under 28ft but is it possible to find one in the Washington State area that doesn't need an overhaul for under $10,000?

All recommendations, advice, or just general conversation is always welcome.

Thank you and I look forward to sharing this next chapter with this amazing community of Nomads, Gypsys, Vagabonds, and casual Vacationers

"I will find the song, or another will find the song, but the song will be sung this year or in a year to come. As it once was, so shall it be again, world without end."
Tuatha'an farewell

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Welcome to the Escapee forums! We are very happy that you have chosen to visit here and hope that you will make this your new home. We will do all that are able to help and support you as you explore the RV lifestyle!


I do have a few suggestions for you to help get things started. I believe that you would do well to do some serious reading as your fist step to learn as much as you can about RV living before you start to shop for one. A good way to start is to visit your local library and see what they have in books or living in an RV or you can find a good selection for purchase at Amazon book store. Books of this type will over a host of things which you will need to deal with and supply a wide range of possible ways to deal with the various issues. To learn about the ways that we live I suggest that you look in the signature lines of those who post frequently here as many of us have our own websites with links in the signature to take you to them. We share a lot of information about RVs, living in an RV, and the various ways that we live in our RVs. I think that it may be very helpful to learn more about it before you begin to shop.


On finding a class C that is in useable condition for long term living and travel for less than $10kk that will probably be a difficult undertaking. There are some around but you will be shopping for RVs that are 20 years or more old and you will need to take great care to be sure that such RVs will not cost you more to keep them on the road than it would be to purchase something with less "experience." You may also find it helpful to consider joining the RV Consumer Group as they supply a lot of educational materials for new RVers an also guides to help in selecting a good one for your use.

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
Kirk & Pam's Great RV Adventure



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Another question is how many miles are you going to be putting a year, the more miles the newer unit you should consider. If you are only going to be driving less than 10,000 miles a year then an older one might work for you. Also is it going to be your daily driver?

Dave Watkins

Highland Village, TX

2014 F-350 Dually

Open Range 349RLR



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Might I suggest at your age you DON'T sell the house? If you can rent it out and just break even then somebody else will pay off the mortgage and when you decide to settle down it will be a huge bonus. It's going to appreciate in value along the way too so if you decide to settle down again you won't be way behind in the home buying market.

If there is one thing I regret, it is that I didn't keep the house I had back in the 70's when I started roaming this wonderful planet. If I'd have done so I could have retired 10 years ago.


2009 Monaco Cayman DP 38'


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Welcome, DudeDave, and keep up that dreaming'! It sounds like you are thoughtful in your consideration of the task at hand. There are a great many folks who enjoy the RV lifestyle--full time, part time, once upon a time. Please post your questions as they arise, and you'll surely get some good input from the community here.


Another great resource is rvtrader.com, which lists LOADS of RVs of all types and ages, including great photos. It can maybe help you focus your search.


Also, if there is an RV trade show anywhere near where you live, I strongly encourage you to attend. Nothing beats the opportunity to actually walk around in these things, sit at the dinette, lay on the bed, pretend you are showering. Even if you won't be buying a new unit, there is nothing to stop you from touring all the great rigs that would be there and gather some of the info you need for buying a used rig.


Meanwhile, good luck to you on your journey!

Full-timing and enjoying every minute.

Blog: www.agingonwheels.com

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Lots of singles on YouTube living cheaply in vans, Class Bs (real RVs) and some Class Cs. Here is a recent video by one talking about budgets - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvm5FmWf7xw.

2004 40' Newmar Dutch Star DP towing an AWD 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid, Fulltimer July 2003 to October 2018, Parttimer now.
Travels through much of 2013 - http://www.sacnoth.com - Bill, Diane and Evita (the cat)

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