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Lippert Componets Inc never lube bearings

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Yesterday I had a customer that called about a new never lube bearing. So I called LCI yesterday and today and both times they told me the bearings were obsolete.

They said to replace the axles.

Ok now to find the correct Dexter parts to change over so his Kodiak brakes will fit.

I will follow up on what happens as the customer is on his way to Alaska for the summer.



Safe Travels, Vern

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There must be a way. I had this email conversation not long ago with stopyourtrailer.com




Yes, we do have a kit for the 7k Dexter Never Lube with 9/16 studs. The price of this kit is $1,567.68.

Thank you,

Bill Halasyn
(813) 363-4685

On 3/5/2014 2:42 PM, GEORGE DECKER wrote:

Do you have a kit for the Dexter 7k axles with never lube bearings?


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Never Lube is still being put on trailers. So I would assume they are still available.

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Lippert's version of a sealed bearing is no longer available. Customer called yesterday and they are saying to replace the axles with standard bearing axles. They are possibly giving two axles for the price of one. The customer was suppose to get a price yesterday but Lippert did not get back to him yet.

We are thinking of Dexter but he has Kodiak disc brakes and we need to research what all we need to change.



Safe Travels, Vern

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Our trailer is the one that Wrknrvr was writing about. The end result of this dilemma was the purchase of a rotor and hub assembly with a new bearing installed. Vern was correct about Lippert offering to sell us 2 replacement axles for $1720 (the price of 1 axle) plus shipping, but I didn't want to buy anything from them. The cost of the rotor and hub assembly with the new bearing was $380, and shipping from the Cincinnati area to Lakeside, MT was $168. There was a $200 core charge that will be refunded upon receipt of the rotor and hub assembly back to the supplier. The shipping charge covered shipping both ways. With the trailer repaired we were ready to continue our trip to Alaska, but then came the truck problem as told on the HDT forum as "Freedomline vs. The Contraptionator".

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Wow, I took notice


I have a Holiday Rambler with the Dexter sealed bearing. I am in the process of upgrading tires to 17.5 untill noticing this. Now what do I do? I also have the bigger studs to deal with. As with things in the discussion pages......... Help! Do I keep the axles, do I call Dexter, (is there a recall on these axles, or?)


Enjoy everyones input, And THANKS!



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To help sort out what we experience on this project.

First never lube bearings area from Dexter I believe. And still available.

Lippert has what is called SRS bearing. possibly standing for sealed roller bearing.

Same idea, but different names.

Dexter bearings are much wider in size.

Lippert did not have new bearings. But would sell new axles without sealed bearings.

Kodiak may have the correct parts for there hub assembly.



Safe Travels, Vern

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I just had a complete brake and Nev-R-Lube replacement on my HR 36 SKQ 5th wheel. I believe that if I had to do it over I would buy new hubs with new bearings installed. If you have rough hubs then you have to have them turned to have good brakes. It costs $30. each hub to have a machine shop with a 20 ton press push out the old bearing and install a new Nev-R Lub bearing. Each wheel bearing was $138.99 from e.trailer.com. The brake assembly for the 7000 Dexter were $72.95 ea. Brakes never seemed to be good , but would pass inspection. I had the tech. person check out the wiring on the truck and we found that it was not wired correctly from the factory. This took over 2 hrs to track down and replace all the old wiring to the control box. Now it will stop !!!!! This is not an easy fix on these bearings. I will always carry a couple of extra bearings just in case they need to be changes when on the road. These bearing are not at the local auto parts houses so be prepaired. This repair costs me about $1675. It is not a job for the handy man on the road.

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