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  1. $70,000, also listed on FB Marketplace, DRV Buy Sell & Swap. Located in Oak Hill, FL (25 miles south of Daytona) INTERIOR: 44' Rear Entertainment, 60" Sony TV, Sony Surround Sound, Residential Furniture Leather Sofa, Leather Theater Seats w/Powered Recliners, Fireplace. Very Large Kitchen, Lots of Cabinets & Storage, Island, Dishwasher, Microwave/Convection Oven, Upgraded LP 4 Burner Cooktop, Residential Fridge w/Water & Ice in Door, Inverter for Fridge. Large Bath w/48" Shower, Washer & Dryer. King Size Bed, Large Closet, Built In Safe, 32" Samsung TV. EXTERIOR: Pa
  2. It seems to have worked.
  3. Thanks. Will renew my effort after a good night's rest.
  4. Ooops. Looks like I have more research to do.
  5. https://i.imgur.com/rtQ3un5l.jpg
  6. Howdy Y'all! Been busy since leaving Pope Farms. Mr & Mrs. Eieio were once again the consumate culinary tour guides of south eastern Indiana. While staying on the farm, we got a small project done on the Sonshine Express and planned another for a future visit. While on the drive up to Lagrange, In for RV repairs and upgrades, we had the rear leveling valve rod come off. Sutton's Truck and Auto Repair made a roadside assistance call for us and got us back on the road PDQ and at a very reasonable price. While waiting for a repair at LCI, we noticed the charge from the altenator wa
  7. Congratulations to you and Miss Davena. Enjoy top down weather while you can!
  8. We recently purchased a 2 year old used 5th wheel and are considering an extended warranty. I've gotten quotes on the Good Sam's annual service contract, the Eagle Guardian from US Warranty sold by RV Solutions and the Viking Protection Plan sold by Wholesale Warranties. Looking at exclusionary policies with low deductible, but there is a rather large difference in price. The contracts make such interesting reading that I often find myself with a slight eye twitch about halfway through the contract specifics. What experiences have you had with these offerings?
  9. Phoenix nailed it. It's us moving from our 2010 MS into a 2014 MS. We've met 3 HDTers while making the move and are now waiting out the nasty weather before moving north toward Mount Rushmore.
  10. We're in Chanute, KS moving into our new to us 2014 DRV Mobile Suite Memphis. Staying in the city run RV park just down the street from the Kansas RV Center, the former NuWa factory. Nice folks there. We are very excited and will head up to see Mt. Rushmore before going to Montana for our summer gig.
  11. BandBuds

    ALASKA 2016

    Yes Carl, there was a show titled "The Edge of Alaska" about McCarthy and the Kenneycutt mine (the motherlode). We saw the show while in Valdez and decided to make the side trip on our way back to Denali National Park. Definitely worth the time to go see it.
  12. BandBuds

    ALASKA 2016

    No Carl the mines (5 of them I think) were linked to the ore processing building by cable which brought to ore over the mountain for processing. The building is amazing - 14 stories tall with NO foundation! A very cool tour. The amount of machinery and huge metal stuff left just lying around is too much to believe until you see it. They just left it all behind. Look into staying overnight there if possible.
  13. Rick, Say hello to Phil and Kathy for us. They gave us our introduction to HDTs about 6 years ago in Harrisburg, PA. Enjoy the warmer weather! Jeff
  14. BandBuds

    ALASKA 2016

    We did drive the Top of the World Highway back from Chicken to Dawson City in early September 2015 with no problems at all - just go slowly and enjoy the view. We also drove the Denali Highway with no difficulty by keeping the speed down to an average of about 15 MPH. On the Denali we figured that there are lots of pull offs with room to turn around if the road was really ridiculous, but it really wasn't that bad. We did pay for a van ride from Kenny Lake to McCarthy and on to Kennycutt. It was definitely worth the $90 a head and was absolutely the WORST road and ride I've ever experienced
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