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We came across this Gem in Texarkana

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If it is the guy I believe it to be, he appears at RV shows and such, set up as a display and telling stories. We saw him at the Dallas RV show several years ago and also saw him at one in Louisville, KY. Here is his picture at the Southern Louisiana RV Show.


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In the late 60's and early 70's we used to go to the Keys during Christmas. There was a rig a lot like this except the truck was a bit newer but not by much. It looked like it would never make it far down the road but every year we were there it was also.

It had a nice porch on the back where the owner spent a lot of time. And yes a water barrel also.

You have to admire someone for doing what they can afford and making it work.

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The new Congressional Committee Approved 2017 RV prototype is out to the public to see... The element of surprise is now gone...


A neat feature, is the removable floor for the passenger - to provide that burst of power needed for the real steep hills:)!


Yep, environmentally friendly in materials, easy on the eyes, and with the slight increased by extra governmental permits and user taxes, a real bargain for only $374, 789. (Or 20% discount if paid for with Chinese Yuan's.)


Get your deposits in fast. (And yes RV, Tesla will have an all electric model out soon too...:)!!)


Neat to see these. Just read of a Barn Find of old classic Cadillac's, where they also found a very well barn preserved and lightly used 30's something trailer. Did not show a picture of the trailer, and I forget the manufacturer, but I was excited about it as I was the great Cad's!


Best to all,


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