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Coach Net or Good Sam extended warranties?


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The 2 year portion of my Redwood fiver factory warranty will be up 5/2/2015. I have quotes from Coach Net & Good Sam extended warranties & although they are similar, are difficult to evaluate.


What are your experiences as to which company provides the best coverage & service?


Thanks for your help.


Marlindy 113190

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We decided on Good Sam. What I realized when I shopped it was that Good Sam covered all drivers in my family. It also covered either of us in any vehicle we operate. So the volvo, the Harley, the Pickup, the Infinity……well you get the Idea.


I bought a five year policy for a song with the option to cancel and get a prorated refund and we jumped on it. About a year after purchasing it I found myself in a tough spot with the Volvo. So tough I haven't told the story yet. Lets just say with the trailer in Tow, the only way I was going to move was if the entire cab of the volvo was "LIFTED" literally. No farm tractor or Dozer for that matter would have gotten me out.


I called good Sam. They had a semi tractor wrecker there in an hour. He got me you of a bad spot with bad weather looming and in the course of the event caused minor damage to my truck. (Pierced a freon line). Good Sam and the Tow Company made good on the Freon repair at the shop of my choice. I am a believer.


The real clincher for me is that both Robin and I are covered in anything we drive for less than the cost of a rider on my auto policy. If Robin has a Flat, runs out of gas or has a lockout in her car she is covered.





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