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Emailed video from iPhone to my email


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If Gmail has a drop down save as menu, or pulls up Windows Explorer ( Not Internet Explorer) select a folder that you can find it in. I do not use Gmail, or any other Google product for that matter because of their terms of use, nor do I use Apple products because my expertise lies in Windows systems and no other reason, but I also have no expertise in iPhones. What I would do is open search and enter the series of numbers or suffix that you see in other iPhone saved photos. See what combination is the same on all your iPhone pics. If they always start with 0 then a string of other numbers then a period and all the same suffix like 028763485867436578.aph, then do a search on 0*.aph. The asterisk is a wild card and means to the computer anything after the zero. If that does not save it then download them again. I always double check when I download anything from my Windows phone to my Windows computer that it is indeed where I thought it would be before I delete it/them from my phone.


I would go into Gmail and see if they have a setting for mail to be always downloaded to a particular folder. My scans from my Brother printer are saved in a folder named after the program Brother uses "ControlCenter4." I just go there and rename them and either let them be there, or move them to the appropriate subfolder. I can change the settings for where it saves them I believe. That is just an example.


Send another email with a picture attached and when saving the attachments see if Gmail offers a set location and then look there using Windows File Explorer, the folders icon on the bottom left of the desktop.


It's not just you, click on this link for another that "lost" his downloads from email which really should not be in downloads but in a default folder used by Gmail I would think. http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-pictures/how-do-i-save-a-picture-from-gmail-to-my-new/1b108896-11c9-4a7f-bedb-dcbe0afa6e23


Let me know if you can find them that way.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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