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Adobe Flash Issues


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That big MS patch release last Tuesday screwed up my adobe flash some how. Ever since then my laptop is telling me I need to upgrade to the current version. I already had version 17.1.xx. It would not allow me to log on our church chat room during our live streaming of services from HI Sunday. It keep saying I needed version 11 or higher and I already had 17. I uninstalled adobe flash yesterday and reinstalled it. It reinstalled with the same version 17.1.xx that I had. This morning when I went to watch one of the msn homepage news videos it would not let me. Any thoughts?



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This may sound overly simplistic, but my wife's Windows 7 laptop had the same issue and the fix was simply to turn on Internet Explorer, click on the "Tools" menu, click on "Manage add-ons", and click the "enable" box for Adobe Flash Player. Apparently, during that big "update" of Windows, the Flash Player was automatically disabled. So, although you had it installed (current up to version 17) Internet Explorer would tell you that you needed to install. After we "enabled" her Adobe Flash Player add-on it worked fine.

Hope this is helpful.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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