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Duo-therm Comfort Control


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Have a Duo-therm comfort control thermostat (5 button) with 2 air conditioners and a furnace. Have not used the ac for a while. Zone 1 I turned on the ac set the temperature and the ac came on as normal. When I changed to zone 2 there was no display except for the "2" indicating zone 2, also the backlight was lit. I then reset the thermostat per manual by turning thermostat off, holding down zone and mode buttons and then turning the thermostat on. When the thermostat rebooted only zone 1 is now available. What next? Thank you.

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The first thing to do would be to unplug your communication cable from the thermostat, then plug it in again and then try to reset the thermostat. I have found bad ends on the communication cable and just install a new end and it has fixed some with that problem. They should sell the tool and ends at lowes or Homee Depot, but just make sure you install the cable the same way it was on there . most of those cables will have a edge on one side so you can tell if it is correct.

the next thing would be to find another thermostat and plug into your communication cable and try to reboot it. If that does not work then install another communication cable to the main AC unit and reboot the thermostat.




Thanks Vern

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I just had a similar problem with my 4-button model.


1st--As suggested, plug and unplug the "phone" type connector


2nd--Get a can of electronic spray and spray the connectors and the buttons super well


3rd--If none of the above work, see: http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=116268&hl=thermostat


This outlines what I did and who I contacted. Mine is now working very well. Mr. Hendrix was a pleasure to work with and knows what he does.



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