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Volvo engine brake air valve


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I have a 2006 VNL630 with a D12 engine. For the last year or two, I have been chasing air leaks, like most of us. Last summer I replaced dash valves, pass through manifolds, fan clutch valve, many "quick connectors". I had already replaced air bags before building the bed. After going through a lot of soapy water, and reading about the "sniffer", I made the purchase. Didn't take long. I had to call the dealer to find out what this valve was even for, but was told "that's your engine brake air valve, $708". Also said there is an upgrade, so might need additional fittings etc.

I had checked this area MANY times with soapy spray, and did so again after using the sniffer, and still no bubbles. With the sniffer, it sounds like a cyclone. Has anyone here ever did a DIY on this valve? It looks simple, but we were going to hit the road in 2 days, and I don't want to start a long term repair. Jake works OK, and air goes down after stop in about 30 minutes to 60#. As always, Thanks for any comments.


Dick T

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Mine went south last year. Bit over $800 total for the fix by an independent I trust. Ours is a 2001 w/ D12 engine and the mechanic that fixed it has 6' arms with 3 elbows each with integral rachet wrenches for fingers. Not impossible but definately in the "No Fun At All" category. And no, all the soapy water in the world won't make this show up, the leak goes up the exhaust...


Pay the nice man & enjoy the ride



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Thanks for comments, and yes, that is the valve I'm talking about. I guess I forgot to mention that it is the air valve on the engine block at the rear/lower/drivers side between the starter motor and top of oil pan. I have tweeked the quick connect fittings twice, then replaced with compression fittings, but it didn't solve the problem. Guess I'll try to get along on this trip without the repair, and save it for my to-do list this summer. Maybe by then I will grow some more elbows, and ratchet fingers. Man, that summer to-do list is already at least 3 summers long. Dick T

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