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Texas Sales Tax on RV Trades


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On an RV trade in, does Texas charge sales tax on the full amount of the RV being purchased or on the difference in value of the new one less the old one?


If it is based on the difference, does anyone know how closely the buy and sell have to be linked? Do they truly have to occur in the same place on the same day or can you sell in one place and some days later (and how many) buy at another place and still only be charged sales tax on the difference?

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Texas like most states applies the sales tax to the new vehicle purchase price less any trade in value. Its not so critical where & when you give them the trade in, but it must be part of the same coordinated transaction, ie: shown on the sales agreement as a trade in.

selling the old vehicle to one party and buying a new vehicle from a different party is not a trade in, for tax purposes. If the sales agreement doesn't include the trade in value deducted from the new vehicle selling price, then you pay tax on the full price.

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You will pay sales tax on the difference between the sales price less your trade in and it will be 6.25% anywhere in the state.

Even if the county has a higher sales tax, example, Harris County has an 8.25 % sales tax but the dealers don't want you going

to a lower sales tax county to buy. This also applies to autos. Good Luck

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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