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T2000 questions


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-found an owners manual online, somewhere. Might have been Google Library, or whatever they call their online archive.

-Tee into the line going to the brake application gauge on the dash. This gauge is fed from between the check valves, and allows brake actuation by the foot pedal, or by hand.

-Dealership or E-Bay

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With the exception of the Caterpillar manual I had no luck with eBay as far as finding manuals, but it's worth a shot. I ended up buying the Operators Manual from a KW dealer, but didn't purchase a service manual. One thing about a Kenworth is that most any kind of information that you can imagine that pertains to your truck is likely available from a KW dealer, but none of it is free.


When I was using a BrakeSmart, I connected it directly at the treadle valve in the dash, as shown in Figures 3 - 6 here: http://www.patriotperformance.com/pdf/peterbilt330.pdf. As is the case when you tap anywhere on the same air circuit on which the brake lamp switch is located, this does allow for actuation of the trailer brakes by using the Johnson Bar. The instructions are for an MDT Pete, but my T2000 was similar to it. You may be able to do the same with your Hayes.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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