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Mac the Fire Guy from Boot Camp

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In '07 or '08 just before Travel Supreme went under, I had this very discussion with Dave at Travel Supreme in Service or Parts. He was quick to answer saying the fridges were designed to run when underway. Even after the recall was taken care of I was never satisfied with the performance or lack of, with the RV fridge. 4 or 5 hrs too cool down and a quick rise in temp when shut off. It was run when underway. When the time to upgrade the trailer came, out went the RV fridge and in went the residential with 4 new golfcart batteries, 2500 watt charger/inverter and a battery fill system to boot.

The battery fill system was put in after reading how someone got their eyes close to the tops of the batteries when checking fluid levels. Battery acid and eyes, bad combination.


The residential fridge doesn't use much juice when under way if you keep the door shut. The fridge in the 730 is good enough for a sandwich, pop, juice or ice cream. I try not to buy anything at truck stops. Generally there are 20 odd rows of junk food and little decent to eat.


Fridges have become more efficient as has lighting, switching out the high power drawing fluorescent RV lights to LED's. Same with tires, going from stock D rated to H rated 17.5's.


Things evolve an improve.




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Mac is a good guy and a good presenter, but you should know that he is not the only firefighter RVer and they do not all agree with everything he says. Even experts often do not agree on everything.

I agree with you. Especially when you're driving around with over 20 gallons one of the most common volatile substances known Gasoline! Anyone remember why the Ford Pinto was scrapped, or the long recall of Jeeps? It was because the gas tank could rupture and catch fire. If driving with propane tanks turned on was a comparable hazard we'd be hearing about it from the FHTSA/ USDOT.

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Since our dash AC won't cool the rig down much when driving in the summer, we often run the generator and one AC when on the road if it's hot. Then we switch to AC on the fridge.


Probably not a bad idea to plug the fridge into the inverter anyway since that removes a lot of the hazard and the alternator on the engine should keep the batteries charged anyway.



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