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I greatly enjoy this forum, but am becoming increasingly frustrated with all the spam ads I receive from the notification service when a new subject is posted. Since the search feature does not seem to work, I don't know if this subject has been discussed before.


The question: what is being done to try and eliminate phony users from getting access to this website, OR more importantly, being able to block their ADs before the ADs get to the notification server? Has anyone looked at something like Spam Assassin?


Thanks for any help which can be provided to the forum users.


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The reason that you get them is that you have opted to be notified of each post. We remove them and block the source as quickly as wee are able but your notice is sent at the same instant that the perpetrator makes the post so there is nothing we can do to stop this. You can prevent it by opting out of immediate notification of each new post and using the "New Content" tab at the top of the page instead.


I think that you may find it helpful to read the thread on this subject which was run in the "About the Discussion Forums" section of the forum.

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The admins recently made some changes to the new user signup process that has cut the spammer entries by 80-90% but some still sneak in.


Many spammers don't even bother to post anything, they just leave their trash in the profile, most do one spam but a few will post several while the rare idiot begging to get caught will do a dozen or more.


There is only one thing that will stop the spammers and that is if they do not make any money off the Escapees site. All the blocking in the world won't keep them off, and tightening it too much can block real users.


The best thing a forum user can do is to hit the report button and just type spam on the report.


That is all you need to do and it seems to help get the spam caught sooner, the spam zappers (weekend moderators) catch what we see but if we aren't on then the report will hopefully be seen by the admins and dealt with. They aren't 24x7 either but do seem to get a lot of the late night stuff gone quickly.

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On my forum (about bicycles) I quite using the "capchas" and went to a question only cyclists would know. The first one was "In order to make your bicycle go you must push down on the ....." and this one lasted for years with no spammers figuring it out. Then one did and I had to change it to another question. I'm not sure that a question could be posed that all prospective RVers would know; after all, almost every American has either ridden bicycles or at least knows about them. Not so much on RVs. But if it continues someone might be able to come up with something.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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