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Huge number of Spam in this site.

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You get notices about all posts made to the areas of the forum that you have requested e-mail notification from. If you don't request e-mail notification then you will not get the spam notifications.


What seems reasonable to me is to only request e-mail notification on stuff that is important to you and needs an instant response.


There is no way for the admins to stop you from getting the notifications you have requested, you have to do that yourself.


The admins and spam fighters here do clean up spam posts BUT the notification e-mail is sent BEFORE any of us ever see the spam post, before it is actually posted for view. So the folks that haven't asked for instant notification usually don't see the spams as most have been removed by the time they visit the forums while the folks that have asked to be notified of every post get a pile of spammy notifications.


In a related area the admins have really tightened down the spam filters and we are seeing a lot fewer spammers managing to get accounts. The admins are also responding to reports by deleting the spam and banning the spammer.


If you hit the report button and just enter spam in the reason you increase the odds the spam will be removed sooner and you provide feedback to the admins about possible leaks in their spam filters. No need to make a second post to the spam topic saying reported and you really want to avoid quoting the spam post and giving it more exposure.


Another reporting option that is helpful, if you visit a new poster's profile and see that it is spammy, report the profile even if they haven't posted a spammy topic. Folks are finding that they can hide their links in a profile and avoid getting banned and removed so the sooner they are caught the better.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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