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Looking for a ride - Rainbow's End to Houston


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Hi -

Wasn't sure where best to post this, so I will give this a try.


I am looking for a ride from Rainbow's End to Houston Airport (IAH). I will be storing my RV at Rainbow's End while I am on my trip, and just need to somehow get to the airport on Wednesday, Feb 18th, any time of the day. Willing to pay for fuel and be good company on the drive :)


I have been a fulltimer for over 8 years, and an Escapee for a little longer. I work as a programmer, and will be going to Cozumel, Mexico, for a couple of months to work and dig my toes in the warm sand. I will be arriving at Rainbow's End late Monday or early Tuesday (16th/17th), so you will have a chance to meet me and make sure I don't smell funny or anything.


A personal ride from another Escapee going to Houston would be great, or any advice/suggestions on a ride share, shuttle, etc, would be very much appreciated.





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I suggest that you stop in the park office and bring up this issue. Another place that you might find help is to attend the 4pm social hour at the rec center each afternoon to make contact with others there in the park. I'd bet that there are people there who would be happy to help out and social hour might be a good way to make contact. There are also a group of Escapee volunteers at the CARE center that might be able to help or know of a way to find someone. If we were there we would be happy to help out, but the key is to get word to the other folks presently in the RV park.

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Thank you, folivier and Kirk, for the helpful info! I am going to try to get to the park on Sunday so I have a couple of days for socializing. Maybe I will be able to secure a ride that way. If not, I have the rental car idea to fall back on.


Thanks again for the assistance!!

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You might check with some local hotels/motels about any car services they may recommend that you could pay. You could likely get a ride into Livingston from someone at Rainbows End. Also at the "Care" center they shuttle people to some appointments. It may not help but a lot of rural areas have some shuttle facilities for veterans to major VA centers. One more thing is there should be a bus through Livingston to Houston then some type of shuttle or cab to the airport. I know waaaaay back in 1966 I caught a bus in Lufkin going to Houston and it stopped at almost all towns including Livingston. Sadly I remember the trip as a baby died halfway between Livingston and Cleveland. Turns out the baby was a heart patient enroute to Houston to see a specialist.


They may even shuttle some prisoners from Livingston to Houston but I don't think I would go that route. :)

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