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Earthbound rv? Looked at one local today.

Deezl Smoke

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I was bored as is was raining a lot here the past couple days. Some flooding in areas etc. So I was looking about online and somehow, I dont know how for sure, but I came across this rv for sale at Camping world locally in Hillsboro.


So I searched a bit and found they only made 150 units before banko. I think Evergreen rv bought up some of it and they call it the "Element". But anyway, this Earthbound is really something to see. It's at least as well insulated as an Arctic Fox and the stainless inside is amazing. The water system has a manifold setup in an insulated compartment that has a hot manifold and a cold. Each water circuit is then run by itself from the manifolds. No tees or ying off anywhere. All heated and insulated tanks.


The one in Hillsboro does have some miles, but I think the tires are still original. I may go back and look tomorrow as they will be able to pull it to the shop so I can see under it. Could'nt do that today with the water standing in the lot.


Do any of you know anything more about these rigs or this brand? Any new info on whether or not for sure Evergreen bought them would be great.

I'm a work'n on it.

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This article from Janauary 2013 says that the companies assets were to be sold at auction. This article about the auction states:


"Companies interested in acquiring the intellectual property behind the Earthbound design may be disappointed to learn that the license to build the travel trailer will be void upon sale of the assets of the company and, in an e-mail exchange yesterday, Dan Rodabaugh revealed that he has “no current plans to re-license the design,” in the North American market. However, he added that he has “been approached by a few interested parties that appear to desire to launch the design in foreign markets.”"


I didn't find anything more recent.

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Based on the no license to build information a purchaser would have one big tool in their negotiation pocket with this rig as any damage to the front or end caps would require custom repair/rebuild (hence, I believe over priced). The whole outer design (including the plexi windows) look reminiscent of the Gulf Stream cruisers of several years back with the molded roof edges and full body caps while the interior is as Alie and Jim mention, european styling.


I have to question the past owners ability to create a foreign market as caravans such as this one are bigger than the norm though I do like the design elements and the water system as described is pretty darn smart.

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Well I went back to look at it again with all the appliances running and in the dry so I could look under the unit. Actually, I was impressed with the undercarriage and some more details that I found. However, the fit and finish is sub par. Lots of L brackets at right angle connections that only had one side of the bracket in full contact with the structure.


So the sales person was persistent to get an offer. I said no, I dont work like that. If I miss it, no problem on my end, there's millions more rvs for sale. I left. About closing last night she calls and asks me make any offer. I told her it was'nt going to happen as I work on my time, no one elses. So I've still been thinking about it. I dont know that I will make an offer, but if I do, it will be less than 10k and work up to 10k max. I know that wont get it, but I found out they took it in before the announcement of the company's demise.


I was impressed with the plumbing design. I mean quite impressed. Also there is a composite slab sandwiched between two stainless sheets, for a pocket door on the bathroom. No swing door that used up space.

I'm a work'n on it.

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It looks quite liveable to me; neat but not gawdy. With the cupboards on each side of the main bed there is a place for books, glasses, etc. (if not an alarm clock... but you could build something in quite easily). Lots of counter space for a TT.


That nose would certainly be more aerodynamic than a flat nose unit and rounded corners on the rooftop help, too.


Stainless is generally a plus in my book although it is heavier than aluminum. Pocket doors are a good sign; especially if they actually slide into a "pocket" and not just along a bulkhead.


The 29' length is a good compromise for a vacation/weekend TT as it is easy to find NFS campsites it will fit in with no arguments. The "L" bracket issue would bother me but you could fabricate shims to make full contact. Use that as a good bargaining point.


I like it.



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