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vehicle registration by weight in South Dakota

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I Googled vehicle registration by weight is calculated in South Dakota and found several sites that may be of assistance:


Tips and Tricks for registering your vehicles in South Dakota: http://www.americas-mailbox.com/home/tips/vehicle-registration



From the South Dakota Department of Revenue Website which handle vehicle registrations:

Staggered Non-Commercial Motorhome License Fees (post 07/01/2013) http://dor.sd.gov/Motor_Vehicles/Procedures_Manual/SectionM.aspx

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It's been a few years since we were domiciled in South Dakota, but as I recall, the state used the dry weight of the vehicle as shown on the paperwork when you bought it, not the GVWR...??? Of course, this could have changed since 2010.


Kevin and Janet, why not just call your mail forwarding service? Our mail forwarding service always helped us fill out the paperwork when we were registering a new vehicle and they would know which weight to put on the form.


On Edit:


From the link JM gave (which comes from Americas-Mailbox in Rapid City, SD):


In South Dakota, for trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes, we will need either:

  • A document indicating the unladen or shipping weight of THAT vehicle and its VIN (or what that make/model weighs);
  • - OR - you will need to go to a CERTIFIED weigh scale (Flying J, Loves, larger truck stops, etc.) and have your vehicle weighed separately (drop the trailer on the scale or drop the tow car from the motorhome). Make sure your tanks are empty if you can. (If there are no truck stops near you, simply call the local sheriff's dept., state police or highway patrol and ask them where they take trucks to be weighed);
  • - OR - simply take a digital picture of your sticker inside your RV that shows both the VIN number AND the empty, unladen, shipping or curb weight, print it out and send that along.
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I haven't set up a mail forwarding yet. I would like to use escapees mail. My husband retires May 31, 2015.


We set up our Escapees mail service in 1999 a year before we took off. I did not submit a mail forwarding to the USPO but sent e-mails (letters to those not on e-mail) and included a note in our annual Christmas Card informing friends and family of our new address. We signed up for paperless statements (i think these days most people already have this service to prevent identity theft) for anything we could and also notified the companies individually of our new address and started requesting our mail every other week to get use to receiving mail on the road. By the time we left there was no mail (except junk mail) coming to the house and the benefit of not submitting a forwarding notice is we rarely receive junk mail. It really cleaned up our mail and helped us get organized. When we took off we could concentrate on everything else involved in going full time and not our mail which sometimes can be time consuming.

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I haven't set up a mail forwarding yet. I would like to use escapees mail. My husband retires May 31, 2015.

Most likely the Escapees will have SD mail by that time so I'd not be in any rush. Make sure that you won't have any health insurance problems in SD before you make the move permanent.

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We brought in scale weights for both truck and fiver which would have left us a bit shy of what we expected to weigh normally. They said the dry weight on the fiver wouldn't be a problem no matter how much it actually weighed but the truck weight sticker had to be above the actual combined weight if we got stopped and checked. Adding 2,000 pounds to the truck's plates wasn't much per year so we opted for plenty of cushion.

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I haven't set up a mail forwarding yet. I would like to use escapees mail. My husband retires May 31, 2015.


Sherri B just posted this to another thread here on these forums:


Great news! Escapees Mail Service has finalized the arrangements for its newest mail satellite center in South Dakota. It will be located just outside of Rapid City in the small community of Box Elder. A Club News bulletin is scheduled for next week, but since you asked—we wanted to give you the latest news without making you wait. Information will be available on the website by the end of the week, but you are welcome to contact us at 1-888-757-2582 if you are interested.


Escapees satellite service centers in Florida and South Dakota are specifically geared for full-time RVers who have sold their brick and mortar homes and no longer have an allegiance to a specific state. These two additional home-base options mesh perfectly with our very sophisticated mail distribution center in Livingston, Texas.


It works very easily. As an Escapees Mail Service member you can elect to setup domicile in South Dakota or Florida and use our satellite service address for your state specific mail. This mail is securely packaged and sent to Livingston to be processed (along with your general mail) according to your personal instructions. There is no additional fee for this service, other than postage. Members will have the advantage of our experienced and friendly staff, completely flexible mailing schedules, scanning services, and all the other bells and whistles that the Escapees Mail Service in the Livingston facility provides—not to mention the lowest rates in the country!


It does mean you will have two different addresses, one for all your general correspondence and one for state specific mail, but there is an added advantage to that. If you ever move for personal reasons, or state regulations create undue hardships, Escapees satellite service allows you to change your domicile without alerting your entire list of correspondences! Remember, the Texas facility has been in place for more than 30 years—we aren’t moving anywhere.


So, if you’re looking for a solution to your mail forwarding and domicile needs, give us a call and we’ll see if we can help.


Sherri Burks

General Manager

Escapees RV Club

1 888 757-2582

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