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Bed Time Story


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We just got back form a 3 1/2 week simulated retirement. All the new features I added to the 5th worked great, the most notable of which is the Magnum 2800 inverter. We don't have to put the refrigerator stuff in a cooler when we go on the road any more. Ten hrs off the grid left me with a 100 ah deficit on the batteries. Only a 13% depth of discharge.


So, here we are, laying in bed, relaxing, reach for the coach potato (remote) and snap on the TV to see what bad news there was for the day. Just looking around and notice what looks like a SPOT on the ceiling carpet !!!! :o What, no way... the coach is stored inside, hasn't seen any rain in....can't remember. I checked the roof, sealed everything that even looked suspicious with the special caulk. But the SPOT appears to be perfectly round....how could that be a leak. I jump up to investigate further and am no longer interested in the days bad news or the stock market performance.


yup, its perfectly round, how can that be? Its right on the bedroom side of the sliding door by the steps. Well sure enough, its Teton again. They opted to not to install one of the return air grills, so, over time, the return air tried to suck air through the carpet on the ceiling in that location, leaving a very slight dust accumulation and subsequent discoloration.


Fast forward - $15 on Ebay for a matching grill and filter, one utility knife and SS screws in hand, put the new grill on and ........ the SPOT is gone :D . The ceiling and return air duct was prepped for the grill.....they just opted not to install it..... great.




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That kind of thing happens all over, I recently read where a new high-end semi-custom 5er left the factory and the sales lot without the black tank sprayer being hooked up. The pex line was there from the convience center run to the tank but not hooked to the sprayer which is non-existant. It was left uncapped just spraying water all over the place when the owner went to flush his tank the first time.. And this was in a $100k unit.

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