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  1. Sehc, I don't sell these plans, nor any Over 65 Medicare products. I do, however, know how to read & understand fine print...and am quite adept at identifying pettifoggers..
  2. Sehc, I have read the fine print and you are continuing to spread false information. I suggest you get in touch with a Lasso rep or other provider to read ALL of the fine print and make an informed decision. Here is some fine print you may have overlooked: Members can spend, save and/or invest their MSA funds. MSA funds can be used for any expense, medical or otherwise, but there are special rules on what expenses count toward the plan deductible and how they’re taxed. Qualified Medical Expenses (QMEs) are defined by the IRS or Internal Revenue Service. All Medicare A/B expense
  3. Hi Sehc, No, the $3240 is deposited each year into your MSA account, and is yours to keep - not 'use it/lose it.' These are Medicare Advantage plans (MA): Premium By law, MSA plan premium is $0. As with all MA plans, the member must continue paying their Medicare Part B premium. Coverage All additional Medicare A/B services are covered 100% after the member reaches the plan deductible. Granted, these plans are not for everyone and you should be fairly healthy and/or able to self-insure a big deductible. But, you may still change plans each year if you wish at AEP.
  4. Hi Blues, Again, I'm not the Medicare expert but was provided the below by my friend and colleague Greg at the 'Medicare Caddy' outfit - www.medicarecaddy.com. It looks like the rules for 2020 have changed, and more states are in play for this - I think up to 27. Lasso Healthcare will be administering. The Trust/Custodial Savings Account Administered by Optum Bank, but the member makes all the decisions. Let’s cover the trust/custodial savings account portion first. Lasso Healthcare has partnered with Optum Bank, a market leader in health savings and spending accounts. When en
  5. Hi Kirk, here's a link from my colleague here in Atlanta who advised me on this - https://www.pbs.org/newshour/economy/making-sense/column-why-these-unique-medicare-advantage-plans-are-poised-for-popularity Again, I'm not the Medicare expert...under 65 is my niche. But happy to put you in touch with him if you need add'l info. These plans aren't for everyone, but if healthy appears to make alot of sense. Happy Labor Day!
  6. Not a Medicare expert but agree have heard about the changes below and Plan G will hit alot of folks the best coming up. Also, if you had a previous HSA, the new MSA rules will apply after age 65 and the gov't will drop $3200 into your acct each yr. Not available in all states yet though..
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