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  1. We did the same in our 02 National Seabreeze. We put a few strips of leftover flooring down before we bring the slide in. It will scratch otherwise. The leading edge of the slide also drops down further as it moves in than it used to with the carpet, still working on an easy solution to that. I don’t think strips of carpeting would work for us, they wouldn’t stay in place and might get dragged and jammed up the under the slide as it went out.
  2. I stop and top off whenever I see a reasonable price. I look ahead on my route with GasBuddy so I know what to expect down the road. Topping off with 20 gallons may allow me to skip an area with higher prices and make it to the next lower price opportunity. I have a 75 gallon tank.
  3. Wellton- hope you like the smell of manure, HUGE feedlot just down the road.
  4. Our summer volunteer job is on hold for the foreseeable future. Wondering if many others have workamping positions that have been cancelled or put in limbo. What is your Plan B? We will try to find a suitable place to settle in and possibly try to find temporary jobs helping out with the supply chain in some way.
  5. Try A-Maz cleaner, it’s a paste with non-scratching abbrasive. https://www.amazon.com/MAZ-Cleaning-Package-Items/dp/B005TARFMW
  6. Graham County in western NC has instituted a curfew and is completely denying access to the county to non-residents. All lodging and campgrounds are closed. They also lack medical facilities and have limited first responders.
  7. My generator has run well since I had this issue last Spring. Unfortunately I can’t point you toward what may have caused the issue, cleaning and tightening connections somehow worked for me, my next step would have been a new voltage regulator.
  8. Kofa Co-op is closed to new renters and dry campers for the rest of the season, from their FB page. Saguaro Co-op in Benson has also closed according to Xscapers FB page. Very disappointing!
  9. Lone Star Corral has already made the decision not to allow visitors - see their webpage. I believe Jojoba Hills ha s done the same but can’t confirm. Kofa in Yuma is deciding on it today at a meeting according to their FB page
  10. There are policies in place if an owner wishes to return to their site. Empty sites should be available to others in the meantime.
  11. It’s sad to learn that Escapee Coop parks are already refusing new visiting campers or considering to do so. I hope they realize that many fulltimer Escapees will soon be looking for a place of refuge. The thought that this group is one big, happy, welcoming family is not holding up.
  12. You should put a lot of thought into loading and unloading and be realistic about your abilities. If the bike is a pain to get up and down the ramp it won’t get used much. I haul my 850 lb Electra Glide on a trailer and don’t use nearly it as much as I would like.
  13. So many choices along I-95. Cold Harbor, Petersburg, multiple battlefields surrounding Richmond, Chancelorsville and the Wilderness, Fredericksburg, Stonewall Jackson Shrine. You can go up 301 and follow John Wilkes Booth escape route (in reverse if going north) including Dr. Mudd’s house and on into Washington to Fords Theater. There are many museums in Richmond including the White House of the Confereracy and the Confederate Museum. The Jackson Shrine can be a quick stop right off 95 and is well worth it. Manassas, where Jackson became a living legend, is close to D.C. Appom
  14. We explored Miami Beach using public transportation (buses). We parked on the street in North Miami Beach and took the bus down to South Beach. We didn’t go to downtown a Miami or any of the neighborhoods on the mainland. Never felt unsafe and enjoyed both the International atmosphere and the amazing architecture, evolving from Art Deco to modern. The beach is beautiful and there is an amazing variety of restaurant opportunities to sample. I would also take the RV down the Keys. It would be easy to spend a minimum of 4-5 days exploring. You would probably need reservations during peak sea
  15. Does the dark color of the ZeroG cause the water to heat up more than you’d like?
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