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  1. Just reread your post and realized your timeframe was in March. I don't believe either of those are options due to the time of year, neither will be open yet. There are a few all year campgrounds on Hwy 24 on the west side of Colorado Springs but, I can't vouch for them.
  2. There is a Famcamp near The Air Force Academy. Another would be the Golden Eagle campground on the southwest side of Colorado Springs off of Hwy 115, other than that the campgrounds in the area are fairly expensive
  3. I agree with Chiefneon, Buffalo Crossing is a great park with large sites and friendly staff. We stayed there 2 years ago and would be my first choice again.
  4. We have 3 so far, Thousand Trails, Good Sam and Escapees. As we travel we will see what other ones fit our travels.
  5. Everything went well with our sale and we are currently in an rv park until Sept when we leave here for our big adventure. Our house sold in one day and closed in 3 weeks so we were full time on May 1. What a whirlwind it has been but things are beginning to calm down.
  6. The cars are not that wide and you can get up and go on the rear deck to see things. We got seats in the last car and were served beverages and food while the attendant narrated the trip. It was well worth it, beautiful trip!
  7. We just accepted a contract on our house today. Sold in 1 day and more than we were asking. Looks like we are in the class of 2017
  8. Thanks for the reply Bob and Molly, We will sign up then.
  9. Thanks for the reply Kirk, I thought I remembered there being a day that it was allowed but could not be sure.
  10. Anyone know if there will be the opportunity to sell craft items at Escapade.
  11. Pagoda Springs is a nice place to visit and relax in the hot springs.
  12. We will be there also, already made our reservations. Only hitch is the weather getting out of Colorado at that time of year. Fingers crossed!
  13. Had the same issue this summer. While checking power at the pedestal I had one leg dropping below 104 volts kicking the EMS unit and I could hear the transfer switch kick out. Once the power came back on that leg, the transfer switch would kick again and power was good until the power dropped down and this repeated several times. Finally just went with 30 amp outlet and one A/C.
  14. We took that trip 2 years ago and it was awesome. We camped close by and drove in to park. I believe it was about 10.00 dollars in the lot across from the station. I would not have wanted to take my 5th wheel into the center of town.
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