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  1. Same for the ABC in Boise, ID. However, the ABC in Spokane, WA is still airing.
  2. Depends on where you plan to go. We have a 2x4, but we don't travel on roads recommended only for 4x4's and we don't travel in sandy areas (think Tyson Wash in Quartzsite). However, we DO boondock on BLM land and other places where we do not travel on paved roads and have never gotten stuck.
  3. Great! Thanks for the information!
  4. We have a modified sine wave inverter. It's never been a problem using it with any Dish receiver we've had, including the 612. Will it be OK running a Hopper 3?
  5. I've been thinking about your comment. Has water intrusion through the holes ever been a problem when it rains, or does the electrical box sit up from the roof to allow water drainage?
  6. That would be nice, at least get it out of the weather. We don't have a basement and I don't know where the leads from the roof go to, but I assume they go to the area behind the wall in the cabinet where we place the receiver. I don't know how to access that area, but even if I did, what with the receiver and the Trav'ler control box, there simply wouldn't be enough room to put the DPH unless it could sit on top of the receiver. Even then, it's a really tight space in there and what with all the additional wires, I don't think there would be enough room. If we do this, the roof would be about the only place we could put it.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm surprised that the guy in the video didn't say anything about the DPH needing to be covered.
  8. What would you suggest for a sun screen? Like a little tent? Or something that's *painted* on? It would have to be something that doesn't require going up on the roof to remove it every time we move the RV.
  9. https://www.escapees.com/education/rvers-boot-camp/
  10. Since we wouldn't be taking a Joey with us, we won't need this device. The guy in the video never explained what the solo hub was needed for. I noticed, too, that how he wired up the DPH42 switch is different than the schematic shown here.
  11. Thanks for explanation. I doubt I'd use the Internet features, but who knows.
  12. One last question (maybe): In the video that TXiceman provided, the guy talks about and shows a Solo Hub (which he keeps calling a solo node). But nowhere, either in the Wingard link provided by TXiceman or in the diagram provided by Zulu, does a solo hub appear. So what gives? Do I need this little device, too?
  13. I wouldn't think so. I've read other Apple News articles on my android phone.
  14. In looking at the diagram Zulu posted, I notice the Trav'ler says "with Dish Pro Plus LNBF." Does this mean I'd also have to change out the LNBF? We've had our Trav'ler for over 10 years and other than moving it from one RV to another, we've never made any changes to it. Would an older model have the Dish Pro Plus LNBF?
  15. I'm confused about your statement that the Hopper 3 has a Sling feature. I thought the Hopper w/Sling was a different receiver from the Hopper 3 and only has 3 tuners whereas the Hopper 3 has 16 tuners. Is this not correct? Granted, a lot of what I've been reading is way over my head since I'm not electronically minded, but that's certainly the impression I've come away with from my reading. I know the dimensions of my 612. What I need to know are the dimensions of the Hopper 3. I've come across two different dimensions in my reading, but I *think* these are the correct ones? Width: 16" Depth: 11.4" Height: 2.1"
  16. No, no Joey...at least that we would take with us. Thanks for the diagram. It, along with the video TXiceman provided the link to, helps me visualize what needs to be done. Only problem is, neither of us are young enough to have any business on the roof of the RV, so we'd have to find someone to do this part of the installation.
  17. The receiver is always "unplugged" whenever we're not actively using it (not physically unplugged, but it doesn't have any power to it). We mostly boondock and run the receiver from the inverter which is not left on when we're not using it, which would include when we travel. The receiver is also plugged into a power strip which we turn off when not watching TV and so we can use the inverter for other things without having to leave the receiver on. Thanks for the links...I'll take a look at them. I'm not sure this is something we can do, but perhaps we can find someone to do it for us if we decide to go this way.
  18. Our RV has a Winegard Trav'ler for Dish. If I were to get a Hopper 3 (not the one with Sling) for the home, and wanted to take it with us when we head south for the winter, is it a simple "plug and play" like our current VIP 612 DVR is? Or is there something that has to be added in order to make it work? Also, what are the dimensions of the Hopper 3? I've seen a couple of different dimensions listed...again, just for the Hopper 3 not the Hopper 3 w/Sling. We have limited space in our RV where the receiver resides and the 612 is already a tight fit.
  19. I'm getting a 404 error -- page not found.
  20. We boondock almost exclusively using propane for everything -- furnace, refrigerator, stove, water heating (we have an on-demand water heater). Our propane container is 20# and we can go ~one month between refills if we're using the furnace...more time between fill ups if we're not. Your propane consumption is way too much, particularly if all you are running is a refrigerator. Now, if you are ALSO running a propane generator to operate AC, for example, then it might be a reasonable consumption. I agree with others that something isn't right and you more than likely have a leak. Personally, I wouldn't mess around with propane myself...I'd take the RV to someone qualified to work with propane.
  21. That's true, and is what the Escapees' IT department told us when they blocked the guy's IP. Let's hope the guy is a novice and doesn't come back!
  22. There HAS been action, just not that you can see. This person has been flagged as a spammer, but keeps coming back under a different name (so far, he's been here under Taco Time and Josh Roehl). The Escapees' IT department has been made aware of this spammer and all the information has been sent to them. They're checking on whether or not there's a way to ban the IP he's using, so, hopefully, we'll get rid of this guy soon. In the meantime, please don't report the spam (which are being sent via private message) UNLESS you receive one from a name that's different than the above two.
  23. I completed the census back in (March?) when I first received the letter with the Census ID number on it. I haven't noticed any effort to get people to complete the census online here...certainly no one has come around, which I wouldn't expect them to do given the virus.
  24. Ok, Josh was also flagged as a spammer. In addition, I've sent IT the reports and the profiles for both Taco Time and Josh Roehl, so hopefully, they'll be able to stop this guy permanently! In the meantime, please don't send anymore reports you receive on this particular spam message -- UNLESS you receive it from a DIFFERENT name than the above two names! Thanks for your patience! We'll get this guy eventually.
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