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  1. Staples has this laptop on sale through this coming Saturday for $549.99: Lenovo Flex 5, Intel i5 (New Egg wants $974.00 for this laptop) Or there's this one for $649.99, but it has the i7 processor rather than the i5 of the one above: Lenovo Flex 5, Intel i7 Any comments on either of these? I won't be purchasing another computer until after I've received the new power cord for my Surface 3 and have had a chance to play around with it to make sure it works, but if I'm still having problems with it, I'll be buying a new computer.
  2. That might be nice, but there is absolutely no room in our RV for a desktop. We have only one place to sit -- the dinette -- and, thus, only one place to put a computer -- the dinette table.
  3. Yes, it's a Surface 3, not the Pro. I did order a new power supply cord yesterday from Amazon which should be here Monday (being sent by USPS, so who knows when it really will get here). Strangely, yesterday, I shut down the machine, closed it up, but left the power cord attached. When I went to turn it on later in the day, it was at 100% (it had been down to 30-some percent)! I've had that happen to me before -- it won't charge while on, but will if I shut the machine off. Anyway, once I get the new cord, I'll play around with it some more. I'd like to take this computer with me because of it's small size, but I need a reliable computer and don't want to mess around with one that may or may not charge at any given time.
  4. Thanks, Bill. I'll take a look at them.
  5. Thanks for the hint. However, I can't find any way to access the battery on my Surface 3. The bottom of the computer is felt, which is the bottom of the keyboard. When I flip the stand open, I don't see any place that looks like a battery access panel. Anyone know how to access the battery on this computer?
  6. Thanks, RV_! I'll take a look at these in more detail tomorrow morning!
  7. Requirements: Windows 10 Touchscreen 12" - 14" screen (this will be for traveling, thus the smaller size) Under $1,000 I don't need the latest, greatest, fastest, most high-powered laptop. I mostly use it for Quicken, surfing the web, some word processing and spreadsheets (using Open Office), and game playing (solitaire, mahjong, etc.). I don't stream movies or TV shows, but do watch an occasional short YouTube video. I've looked on Amazon and New Egg, but I just don't know enough about all the different specs to make an informed decision. (I have an older Surface laptop that I was hoping to take with me, but it uses a USB charge cable and something must be wrong with the charge port on the laptop because it shows it's connected to power, but not charging. This has actually been a problem from the beginning, but it's gotten so that I can't get it to charge at all. I don't know if the charge port can be repaired, or if it would even be worth doing so.)
  8. I'd add New Horizons to this list, too. They are still in business.
  9. I wouldn't worry about the age, particularly if it's been reconditioned by the factory. New Horizons builds a quality unit, second to none, and made for fulltiming. It'll more than likely outlast the newer Puma, if you take proper care of it.
  10. X2. We do not drink water out of our fresh water tank.
  11. As others have said, you will remain domiciled in CT until you make concrete steps to change your domicile to TX. You do not have to own property in order to be domiciled in ANY state -- what about all the renters who own no property (house/land)? Are they not domiciled in the state in which they live? Of course they are. As for voting, I would make sure you take whatever steps are necessary to vote in CT since you will arrive too late in TX to vote. This means not actually changing your domicile to TX until after the election.
  12. While we aren't fulltime anymore, we do still spend 4-5 months in Arizona during the winter...81 & 74.
  13. Thank you! I never looked at the Power setting, so completely missed it. I did find another item that the installer told me didn't exist on the Hopper 3 -- automatically changing stations at a particular time. It's a bit more involved that it was on the older receivers we've had, but it can be done.
  14. We bit the bullet and replaced our 612 DVR with a Hopper 3 and a Joey in the office. I've been enjoying learning about how it works, but just came across something that I can't find the answer to: When watching one channel for an extended period of time, a message pops up on the TV screen that says something to the effect that it appears no one is watching the TV, do you want to continue watching? On my old receiver, I was able to set this to "never" so that message no longer appeared and the TV wouldn't turn off. I went through the Settings under Menu, but didn't see where I could do that. Am I just overlooking it?
  15. Remember that you'll have the additional weight of feed...bales of hay, grain, or whatever it is you feed your horses.
  16. We are Verizon customers and have *never* paid extra to use our phone as a hotspot. Although we haven't used a Note 9, we have mostly used Samsung phones.
  17. Cotton Lane RV Park in Goodyear, AZ used to have telephone hookups at each site. It's been a number of years since we've stayed there, so I have no idea whether or not this is still available or whether or not you'd get the speeds you need. Call them and inquire.
  18. The picture vermilye posted is actually lightly packed with people. We've been in the Big Tent when there was barely any room to move because people were packed in like sardines. Assuming that the event takes place, there's no way I'd go this January even with the changes they're talking about.
  19. Thanks for the list! I'm going to save it this time.
  20. I wonder why they would only work with 2 receivers? We just upgraded to a Hopper 3, so this wouldn't work out for us. Los Angeles channels wouldn't be good for us, anyway, since we turn off the TV at 9:00PM to start getting ready for bed. Since we boondock, we turn off the inverter and, thus, power to the receiver, so wouldn't be able to record the last two hours of prime time. When we were DirecTV customers and were still able to receive both coasts, we loved getting New York stations because we were done with prime time early in the evening!
  21. Seems as though I saw a list here awhile back that listed all the CONUS stations across the U.S. As I recall, most broadcast in SD with maybe two or three broadcasting in HD. Is Billings SD or HD do you know?
  22. Same for the ABC in Boise, ID. However, the ABC in Spokane, WA is still airing.
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