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  1. Thank you everyone for the detailed responses. I was trying to figure out the cheapest and easiest way to keep my fridge running while traveling. I realize installing a large enough inverter into the trailer with adding the necessary batteries to power it, would be the most optimal and efficient way, but there is a much larger cost associated with that, compared to purchasing a portable power inverter. I guess I'll suck it up and install an inverter. Again, I really appreciate all of the input. Safe travels, Dan
  2. I would like to power my fifth wheel Dometic refrigerator (DM2852) while driving, but don't want to use LP gas. An inverter is the solution! I would like to use a portable power station (600w / 1800 surge), by plugging it into a 12v cigarette adapter located within the trailer, while also plugging the 120v power cord from the refrigerator into the inverter. My thought is, while hooked up to the tow vehicle, the RV (12v )battery would be receiving a charge from the tow vehicle, the inverter would be receiving a charge from the RV battery, and the refrigerator would be receiving power from th
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