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  1. Thank you Henry for posting the question. noteven and Rick it is my truck that Henry is asking the question for, it is a 2013 Volvo VNL 730 with and I-shift transmission. As Henry has stated my backup lights and the back up alarm on the truck do not work. The flat Delphi connector that has the reverse wire in it is showing 0 volts with a multi meter when the truck is running and transmission is in reverse. This Delphi connector is coming from the truck prior to my jackalopee. Tomorrow morning I will check to see if there is a reverse switch on top of the tranny. Thank you everyone who have posted.
  2. We made it to the airport safely. Wanted to take a moment and say thank to Carl and Donna for all the work they did to make the ECR so successful and fun! Thank you to everyone that presented! All the information was very informative and valuable. We had a great time meeting new friends and catching back up with friends we met previously. We are excited about our journey of finding an HDT. We are already looking forward next years ECR and spending time with a really great group of people. Thanks again everyone! Tim and Karen.
  3. Karen and I are packing our bags to fly out tomorrow for the ECR! We will fly into Atlanta and drive up to the Campground. We expect to arrive late and will be staying in one of the cabins. We are both very excited and looking forward to meeting everyone on Sunday! This will be our first rally, sounds like we will be over loaded with information and that is a good thing. This will be the start of this wonderful journey of getting a HDT to safely tow or 5th wheel trailer around to see these many states that make up our great Country! We will see you all very soon. Tim and Karen.
  4. Hi Vern, Please send pictures to Tmdoble@comcast.net Thank you. Tim
  5. Hi Carl, my wife Karen and I are making plans (tomorrow 3/29/18) to attend the rally. Better late than never. We will be booking a flight and hopefully making reservations at a local hotel. We will be planning on attending Sunday through Tuesday. This will be our fist rally. We are very excited to meet everyone who will be attending and to learn all about the valuable information that will be shared. Can you please send me the link to register for the rally and can you also make a recommendation for a local hotel that is close by for us to stay at? Thank you very much and we look forward to meeting you! Tim & Karen
  6. Thanks for posting all the pictures! Loved all the HDTs. The Sport Chassis was really sharp, loved it! Looked like everyone was having a great time. Thanks again, Tim from Cape Cod, MA.
  7. This is a late response, my wife Karen and I wanted to thank the members of Escapees who we met at the Florida RV show in Tampa last month. Bill, David and others spent alot of time talking with us about their trucks. We were able to take pictures and even sit inside Bill's Volvo 770 and David's KW T680. Karen and I plan on getting an HDT to tow our 5th wheel safely around these states of our great country when we retire. Again thank you to every one for taking the time to talk with us, Meeting you and seeing your trucks was the highlight of the RV Show! The link below I hope will show you the pictures I took that day. I tried to insert the pictures but could not do it. https://www.flickr.com/photos/148141034@N06/shares/5ME2eF
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