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  1. kurtsara

    Trailer skirting

    Yes, I’m guessing that is what they mean.
  2. Why should they have a mask on at a campsite?
  3. I guess it don’t matter which ones, not supposed to ask about somebody’s medical condition anyways.
  4. What about people that can't wear a mask?
  5. 60 years old and overweight and high blood pressure, just not worried I guess
  6. I can't believe how worried some of you are.
  7. You want them to wear a mask outside?
  8. I think they are asking if campground showers are open.
  9. Are they asking if showers are available in the campground showers?
  10. Didn’t a real person have to put the paperwork into the baggie and seal the baggie?
  11. Lots of trailers with garages and living space that can haul plenty of weight. https://www.racingjunk.com/category/Trailers-and-Tow-Vehicles/Trailers-with-Living-Quarters/4456?page=2 This one is rear open deck. http://www.sundownertrailer.com/tlr-Krawler.html
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