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  1. Not living my life like a paranoid person, life is to short anyway, I'm going to have fun. This forum has to be one of the most depressing forums to read, everything is about covid or when someone gets there shots, I must be the young one here at 60 years old. It is no wonder not many new members stay here after they post a few times.
  2. How many bodies do you cut into that you could infect?
  3. We don't watch the news so we were never brain washed. I see people alone in a car with a mask on. I see people riding bike alone with a mask on. I see husbands and wives together with masks on, nobody else with them. I see people jogging alone with a mask on.
  4. We don't have to wear a mask to and from a restaurant, only walking through there door to your table, you can take it off and keep it off at the table, you don't have to put it on until your food comes. I think masks are doing nothing also, I wear one in a business that requires one but don't want to. Three of our neighbors have had covid and we hang around the firepit all the time with them and the other neighbors and only those three have had covid, and they had it four months ago.
  5. From what I see it looks like we should be wearing our mask driving alone in our car, many seem to be doing it. Luckily I like winter, I'm outside all the time.
  6. We have found the opposite, they all seem to soft.
  7. -24° this morning at home, but I'm in Mesa visiting friends, going home tonight, don't mind the cold though.
  8. So if I am not sick do I have to test daily then?
  9. How else would you catch fish in the winter? I don't understand going south for the winter, I like snow, just finished plowing and hope I have to plow again tomorrow.
  10. 500’ I would move, Sell everything and move, to risky to live there or anywhere. or maybe re-measure the distance, maybe it’s 501’
  11. Not giving it much thought? When we are looking for a RV, we don't even look at one if there is no King bed or King bed option if new
  12. Took our 2 seat hide a bed couch from our travel trailer out too replace it with 2 seat reclining couch. Wife Sold the hide a bed in a hour on facebook for $250.00
  13. Seems like most of us don't care to read vblog, me, I don't even know what they are.
  14. Why can't they leave the hose connected? We do at our seasonal site.
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