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  1. 500’ I would move, Sell everything and move, to risky to live there or anywhere. or maybe re-measure the distance, maybe it’s 501’
  2. Not giving it much thought? When we are looking for a RV, we don't even look at one if there is no King bed or King bed option if new
  3. Took our 2 seat house a bed couch from our travel trailer out too replace it with 2 seat reclining couch. Wife Sold the hide a bed in a hour on facebook for $250.00
  4. Seems like most of us don't care to read vblog, me, I don't even know what they are.
  5. Isn’t that what forums are also?
  6. Why can't they leave the hose connected? We do at our seasonal site.
  7. “Updates” Adjust the settings I asked my wife who has had Facebook since 2008, she gets no emails or updates of any kind, agree might not even look at it for a week or two and never gets anything telling her to look.
  8. And rv forums My wife uses it, she has only given her name, no other personal info.
  9. I don’t use it either, but I’m guessing you both know what it is.
  10. We have had our latest travel trailer for a little over a year now and have never tried the tv.
  11. I don’t know anyone of my buddies or even my wife or adult kids that use forums. We rode goldwing for 20 years with 11 other couples, none of them had ever heard of a goldwing forum. some might not feel welcome when the regulars are always right and nobody else is. like the thread about US Postal Service is reliable and fast, I keep getting told I’m wrong about a coin shortage yet I’ve never seen it, spent today and Monday in the twin cities eating and shopping and paying cash and not once was I told they wanted exact change or use a card yet that thread I basically keep getting told I’m wrong, makes s person not feel welcome.
  12. Bremer bank tells me they have no coin shortage.
  13. You would think small businesses would want cash.
  14. I would steer clear of them if they photoshop any pictures
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