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  1. Thanks for the info on park models I went to Holiday World in Katy Texas last weekend and they had a 2009 Carriage Cameo 35SB3 5th wheel on the lot. The salesman told me that this brand, pre 2015 or so, was among the best built if not THE best built RV out there. He said it is a "tank", solid as a rock. Couldn't find a lot of reviews about the brand but, all I did find were very good reviews (4 & 5 star). While I was there I didn't look at it too closely because I wasn't really considering a 5th wheel. It was very nice for a 11-12 tear old RV. I certainly don't want to buy the truck needed to pull it but since my immediate intent is not to travel with it, that may not matter. They are asking $24+K for it. Outside decals were not in great shape. carpet on the inside a little worn but not too bad. Any thoughts or comments? https://www.hwhrv.com/inventory/?search_condition=Used&search_make=Carriage&search_dropdown_Min_years=1998&search_dropdown_Max_years=2022 They may have photo shopped the pictures of the outside a bit. I don't remember the decals looking that good Thanks, Dennis K
  2. Thanks Solo18. I will check them out. I had seen a few on RVTrader but initially thought were too big. Certainly reconsidering now.
  3. Wow! Thanks for all the responses and advice. Lots to chew on and figure out. I'm sure I'll have more questions. I appreciate everyones time and I'll keep you posted. Don't stop with suggestions and advice, though. I like learning all this stuff. Dennis K
  4. Yes sir. I went to PPL Saturday and looked around a little. Unfortunately got there about 30 minutes before they closed and didn't get to look too much. I currently live in College Station so it's a little bit of a haul to just go there randomly but I will be going back.
  5. Is this what you were talking about TXiceman?
  6. Thanks TXiceman So that is a certain type of trailer or an added option when buying? I guess bottom line. more insulation or shade. Is it possible to spray insulation into an existing RV?
  7. I think you're right that most are not built with the thought of it being someone's home. I believe this will be my least expensive option for the time being. I read about people having many issues with RV's but I wonder if it is from periodic use and not being used often/everyday. Sometimes non use is worse for something than daily use, like a boat or ATV or vehicle for that matter.
  8. Thanks ToddF. I did see that one when I looked online for that area. If I end up west of town I might end up there. Do you think RV parks are good places to look for used RV's for sale?
  9. Yes full time for probably at least a year. I'm in Texas. Will end up either north or west of Houston.
  10. Good afternoon all As the title says, I've never owned an travel trailer but due to certain circumstances I am very strongly considering living in one. It would just be myself. I've only been looking for about a month and have found some good deals on some used ones but have not been able to get to them quick enough. Not planning on traveling around with it, at this point. Just find a decent RV park that allows long term residents and is not super expensive. So some questions: Two that I'm wanting to look at now are a 2014 Prime Time LaCrosse Luxury Lite 327RES and a brand new Palomino Puma 30RKQS. Opinions on which is a better choice? The Prime Time seems to have a little more storage and is a maybe a little higher end. The Puma (actually did get to tour one live) seems pretty solid but not as fancy. There are probably a ton of good ones out there. What's better aluminum or fiberglass? Prefer 3 slides but 2 (Puma only has 2) might cut it if laid out right. Don't really need a bunkhouse but, Would it be suggested to be able to use for extra storage? What brands to stay away from? Which ones to look for? Budget of $30K or less. Unfortunately, no 5th wheel. Need to get one pretty quick. Any advise/opinions would be appreciated. https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2021-Palomino-Puma-30RKQS-5014010053 https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2014-Prime-Time-LACROSSE-LUXURY-LITE-327RES-5013905823 Thanks for your time
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