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  1. We purchased our Jayco Melbourne 29D in February 2016 and we have a Jeep Wrangler as a toad. It was a one owner with 24,000 miles. It’s our first RV and the past three years have mostly been long weekends with a few one week trips. This past October we took a two week trip to Myrtle Beach and Nags Head and now we have really caught the RV bug!! I retired last May And Phy will retire this coming May. One thing we’ve realized over the past three years is that we want to move up to a class A for move storage space and room in the living area. After the Hershey RV show we found our dream class A. So now we are in search of a Forest River FR3 30DS hoping to find a used 2018-19 sometime this spring.
  2. We tow a wrangler with our Jayco Melbourne 29D. The tow bar setup for the wrangler cost $2,700 so as Kirk stated that’s another expense to consider. Our main reason for the this type of setup is the comfort in knowing that if the motorhome would breakdown we still have the wrangler as a backup. Of course it is two engines to maintain. To each his own in making this type of decision.
  3. We just finished our first season with our 2010 Jayco Melbourne. We store the coach in a steel building on a local farm in PA. One of the other RV owners in the building had issues with mice in other off seasons. They suggested using moth balls to keep the mice out of the coach. They place moth balls on tires, couch, beds, counter tops, etc. Any opinions on using this type of deterrence for mice? Any other suggestions? Rick&Phy83
  4. We recently purchased a 2016 Jeep Wrangler to tow behind our Melbourne 29D motorhome. I'm mechanically inclined but not so confident on the electrical stuff. Any advice on whether to attempt installing the baseplate and hitch myself or have the dealer do the installation. Any estimates on the cost of dealer purchase/installation? Which hitch brand would you recommend? For those of you who tow a toad, do you have a skirt on your Motorhome or a bra on the toad to protect it from debris? Rick&Phy83
  5. That is my biggest fear. Even driving a car I've been in situations where I started to get panicked but not to the point of losing control. Glad I'm aware of the condition and can plan our travel around it.
  6. Thanks to all. Airplanes don't bother me at all. I've flown to China for work assignments many times. I like the idea of using the satellite option to see the mountains and valleys when setting our course for trips in the future. It is a drag to suffer from this condition but it certainly isn't going to slow down our travel plans in the future. We'll find a work around whenever possible.
  7. We just spent an awesome weekend in our recently purchased 2010 Jayco Melbourne. Our first trip was to a local campground just to test things out and we had a blast. We are starting to plan our next excursion and there is one thing that limits our options on where to travel. Over the past twenty years I have developed a fear of driving on roads where there are sharp drop offs. A real fear of being near edges especially where there is no guard rail. I suffered severe panic attacks when visiting Mesa Verda in Colorado a few years ago and I was the passenger!! We can certainly find plenty of places to travel (fortunately we love the beach!!) but I would really love to find a solution to this condition if possible. Are there any other "fear of edges" RVers out there that could offer any advice.
  8. I've read advice about keeping the refrigerator level but I don't understand why. If we're parked in our driveway on a 5-7 degree slant overnight with the refrigerator running will that harm the refrigerator? On another subject, we are looking at the Lynx leveling blocks for our Jayco Melbourne 29D class C motor home. They come in a 10-pack. How many packs are recommended to start out? -Rick
  9. We've been lurking in the shadows for the past couple years reading and learning about the RV lifestyle and have finally taken the plunge! We are Rick and Phy and we just purchased our first RV, a 2010 Jayco Melbourne 29D. We are so excited to finally be "in the game". We are still working full time and are in our early sixties hoping to retire in the next 2-3 years. For now we plan on weekends as we work through the learning curve of RVing but hope to get into longer trips as we become more experienced. Thanks for all of the advice and information, looking forward to our new RV adventure ?.
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