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  1. Update- Success. All done as motorhome in New York State for a 1986 Peterbilt road tractor with 63' sleeper. https://casetext.com/regulation/new-york-codes-rules-and-regulations/title-15-department-of-motor-vehicles/chapter-i-regulations-of-the-commissioner/subchapter-h-classification-of-vehicles-and-regulation-of-nonvehicular-devices/part-106-passenger-and-commercial-registrations/section-1063-passenger-registration I also applied for EZ pass of the same- https://www.thruway.ny.gov/ezpass/ta-w68176.pdf I hope this helps someone else.
  2. Thank you Jaydrvr. The contributer from NY seemed to have a fifth wheel hurdle as well. I hope there's nothing on the books against it. I don't want to do an end run just to have problems on the road with my family. I think NYS DMV just gave me the bum rush by asking me to email further information and then not replying. Still waiting but I'm researching too.
  3. I'm trying to change my NYS title from tractor to motorhome with a lot of resistance. Under 15 CRR-NY 106.3 (e) it should be possible. I called Albany and they tell me as long as it has a 5th wheel I can't. I emailed in pictures with a breif expanation so the higher ups can make a decision. According to the agent I spoke with, there's something in the law addressing 5th wheels. Can anyone assist?
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