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pic test

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No trees on the iPad or mini iPad but maybe this will work. image.jpg23.jpg

i do want to thank Stan for his help on this subject.

With his instructions it does work on a full size computer.


This photo is from a fridge that leaked its solution in a RV fridge.



Safe Travels, Vern

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It is. Must be in the desert. No tree on the iPad That I can see. It is on a .regular laptop . That is how I posted the other pictures.

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Yep, send me a regular e-mail and I'll take a pic and fwd it to U. As I type this reply, The "green tree" is to the immediate left of the left and rt chevrons "<> and the third icon to the rt of the 1,2,3 page index.


I can also send pics of my Fridge installation, it may help.




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Try switching from the mobile device profile to the full profile (big button at the bottom of the page) and see if that gets you the full array of posting options. Switch back to the mobile version with the "change theme" menu at the far bottom left of the screen.

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When I click on more options,

Now I get ( You can upload up to uploading is not allowed of files). (Max. Single file size 2mb)



Also the mobile device profile has less options.


The tree is on the full size laptop but not on the iPad or mini iPad that I can find.



On a side note.... I used the fuel size computer to post the other day. It does have the tree. That is the DW computer and the blank thing lost Internet connections She could not get it to connect So I was in the dog house until Verizon got it figured out.

It now works better than before. bbbbuttt I did ask to use it agin and I want to leave that thought go till Sunday afternoon.



Merry Christmas to all, Vern

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OK folks,

I only know photobucket using Windows, and what I see on Photobucket, and see here.


In Photobucket all you have to do is select the photo so it is full size and then just click on the box labeled "img" as in this picture and in Windows it will say copied. I sometimes have to click twice but once it says that it is now saved to the computer and you just click paste on the webpage and you should see the image string there that it copied. Here is what you click on:





That is a snip from my Photobucket page. The picture I snipped from the top is this one:






When you paste it into a post here or elsewhere you will not see the photo just a blue string of the URL with some added stuff. Then when you save the post the picture becomes visible.


To save time, I have all my photos in folders so I can find them by my filing names, then sub folders. In each subfolder I make a folder called "Reduced." since I am downloading pics to my computers from a phone or camera, while I am downloading the HD pics, which are 1-3mb in size, I cut and paste them rather than let it do it automatically because it takes just a bit longer but easier.


Once pasted in the folder, I open the folder named reduced in each picture folder and paste them there too. Then I reduce all of them as a batch because they are already selected. Then I end up with the original large files still selected (Blue) and the new named files which are the same but with (small) or whatever size I chose in the program. I then just right click on one of the pics still full size, and select delete and all of them are deleted leaving only my reduced pics. You can experiment in the reduced folder because they are already saved full size in the main folder.


For example, I have a main folder named "Family saved pics"

inside it I have folders for each of our family members and one for just our immediate family. There are about 15 subfolders under "Family saved pics." Inside each are the pics referred to in the title. As well, inside each is a folder named "Reduced." Inside those are my pics resized to about 50-150kb from 1-3MB in size.


I only have full size pics on my computers here, not anywhere in the cloud. They are duplicated on hard drives and my tablets and some on my phones as they are only 6GB in size at the moment.


Every time I post this next I get a member who shows a website to reduce images easily but not offline. For RVrs it is important to not have to burn bandwidth you do not have to. If I shoot 100mb of pics ten times in a month that is a GB I used I did not have to. If one is really worried they can make some DVDs of their pics as each regular DVD can hold 4GB of data at the least. IT is faster to copy to a DVD than to upload that much unless you have some crazy Internet service.


So why? Two reasons.


1. I only upload into the cloud my reduced images. So my free 2 or 5 GB of storage can hold all the pics I want available anywhere anytime. I just checked my Photobucket that I pay $.99 a month to get it ad free which speeds it up to acceptable navigation speed. It said just now that all of my hundreds of pics on Photobucket have used only 4.76% of my allowed free 2GB! Same with my 5GB of One Drive.


2. It takes just seconds to upload ten 100kb pictures, in fact less time by far than one 2mb pic! The kicker is they get sized perfectly for online with no distortion using the "Small" default setting in Image resizer.


Offline I can work with images and reduce them with this safe and free open source program that works with Windows 7 on up perfectly. The cool thing is I can batch reduce all the pics I shot each time in just a few seconds. If it is a new person or category I make the main folder and within it the folder named "Reduced," then do as above.




The download is only 900kb. It is for Windows only and I use it almost daily on all my windows computers. Once installed you just right click on one, or a hundred pictures and the menu that drops down on a right click will now include an option to "Resize Pictures." When you select that another dialog box pops up with your options to reduce it. I keep it on small for 99% of my work.


All the photos on my Photobucket were reduced using this program. http://s1359.photobucket.com/user/RV_Roadie/library/?sort=3&page=1


They also do not look reduced, and do not take up a bunch of any viewer's bandwidth looking at them here.

Edited by RV

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BTW right click on any of the pics in my post above or on my Photobucket, click properties on the drop down menu from right clicking, and you will see all of them are under 150kb, and look great anyway. They are all sized perfectly for posts too using the small setting.


I like having all my pics both full size and reduced so when I post and want one I can just cut and paste or use the small Photobucket pics. I do not have to stop and resize pics, all mine I resize in less than ten seconds immediately after I copy them to my computer. OK if I kept 1000 pictures in my camera that would take a lot longer but it would do it in an hour or two. I like to do no more than ten at a time as that seems for me to be fastest.


Reduce them when you copy them to the computer and uploading and storage will be surprisingly free. And I have my originals for prints or enlargements.

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