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Just a heads up. I'm on an iPad right now, but have seen the forum software auto resize pics, if they were slightly too large to fit on the page. The only way to tel would be to hover the cursor over the pic, and have a black outline surround the pic. The outline would have something along the line of "This phot has been re-sized. Click to see full size" , or something like that.

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It is. Just for your info I bought a IPad mini last June. Take a picture, resize it and post it. that simple.



I am not a computer person but it was so simple


DW updated the mini.......... Now it will not work but mybe 2 times is 50 tries.


I am still working so it is frustrating that it was so simple and now-------??------.


Just short on time to sit and figure it out.


There has been a few discussios about the updating of this device.

Unless the forum system is the problem. In that it changed.


It could be me. .....,. Now I was trying to type a question mark and it will not do that......,,


Also trying to right click on this IPad mini has its own thoughts also


It is so simple. Maybe time to use a full size computer but it was so simple



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You copied the photobucket web page address above, not the image on photobucket.

Web page (see the .html near the end)


Image ( see the .jpg at or near the end)


This is what you need to do to get to the image so you can copy the link here, may need adjusted a bit for a tablet/phone.

Photobucket forum use:
1. Open photobucket and select picture.
2. Right-click the image and open in new tab.
3. Copy the URL on the new tab from the beginning to the .jpg near or at the end.
4. On the forum click the little tree icon, image tool-tip and paste the URL in the pop-up.

The key thing needed to keep the forum software here (IP Board) happy is to get the image to be the only thing showing in a tab of your browser, no other stuff there at all and then copy that URL to the forum by clicking the image tool (little tree icon) and pasting it in there. Do make sure you are pasting it into a blank space, gets weird when you stick it in the middle of something else you have already put in the editor's window.

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