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  1. First time out ours overheated after about 30 minutes and stopped. It ran fine when sitting on the driveway. When I realized what had happened, I had it all the way forward in the truck bed up against the box wall, I moved it back to the hitch and it ran fine. Even considered plugging a 20" box fan into it to increase air circulation but have not had to yet.
  2. We did our 5th wheel, back to front with Traffic Master, African Wood Dark vinyl planking. Easy to work with and looks fabulous. May be a little on the soft side. Slide has put 2 good scratches in it.
  3. Well, I am not sure "How did I not know?" Per chance I am just not as sharp as you two. Please do NOT be so condescending. If I may restate my observation, why is fuel such a large percentage of cost? I researched a bit and found that diesel cost no more than $1 to $1.50 when we quit camping say 2005. That would be a 200% -300% increase. May possibly have something to do with my perception.
  4. This is not a question, more of an observation. Please feel free to comment. After maybe a 12 year hiatus from camping we bought a 5th wheel last fall. Prepping and planning we took of on a 2 month trip this June. We were headed from north central Florida to northern Michigan. The first 1400 miles were a straight shot, no sightseeing. I had not anticipated how much the cost of fuel would be. How naive. At maybe 10 mpg It would cost us about $70 to drive 250 miles. This was a daily expense when traveling. We extensively used Boondockers Welcome. If not available, campgrounds could be readily found for $30 - $40. As it was, in two months we put about 8K miles on the truck an close to $6K on the credit card. I have not actually crunched the numbers but guessing at least $2500 was the cost of fuel. Is this a fact of life? Do you people live with it? Thanks for listening.
  5. Okay, have heard about the center wear problem on over inflated tires. If the side of a tire says 85 psi max, how do you call it "over inflated" or "too high pressure at 85 psi?
  6. 1988 Winnebago Le Sharo. Bought it when I returned from Desert Storm in 1991. It had a Renault turbo charged 4 banger diesel with 4 on the floor. Could pull our pontoon at 55 mph. Great intro to RVing. Eventually sold it to a Brit who bought American RVs and shipped them to England for resale. ph.
  7. I inflate my truck and camper tires to the max psi on the side of the tire. I recall people stating that max inflation makes for a harder/rougher ride. If it does I have not found the ride uncomfortable in the least. So, forgetting about the comfort issue, what do you think are the consequences of max inflation? I suppose I am suggesting the OP inflate tires to max and be done with it.
  8. No need to get your dander up. In your post you did not mention background check or CCW permit. You got my hopes up! I thought maybe there was a state or place which had not restricted "the right of the people to keep and arms shall not be infringed".
  9. and he never said there was a background check. He did not use the words background check or CCW permit. That is what caught my eye. In Florida there is a 3 day waiting period without a CCW permit while they do a background check. Actually the 3 day wait is a knee jerk legislative reaction to the Parkland High School murders.
  10. Per chanced, what State is that which has no waiting period/ background check for handguns at a licensed dealer?
  11. What will be your new height? May be a problem with some underpasses.
  12. My parents built a home there in the village of Ajijic decades ago. I went back there maybe 15 years ago to help settle the estate of an uncle (American). I stayed at the Posada in Ajijic. Still charming and gracious but the lake had receded by at least a quarter. The water was several hundred yards out from where it had been. Too many people using the lake. Also, Mexico is not the sleepy, laid back country it once was. The growth industry may well be kidnapping. It is also a country where "el mordio" is how official business is conducted. I would not recommend living there or even visiting.
  13. I see you edited your response a few hours ago so I have a question. Changing carriers is pretty much a non-starter. At home, Consumer Cellular "suits my style". Last time we were RVing, the internet was not a real RV interest. I realize that we now have more things we cannot live without. As you look to be savvy about Rving and the internet, please help me out. If I use the internet for 1 hour/day, no video streaming, what would you estimate my daily data usage be? A nominal 31 day billing period would afford me 645 megabytes/day. In response to your last sentence, no I do not plan to use a significant amount of data. Once again, I estimate 1 hour/day.
  14. A little late but thanks for the help. Yes, the large nozzles fit into mine. Checked it out last week. Had forgotten how oily/greasy the deck is around trucker's fuel pumps. My floor mats reminded me.
  15. Since I gave a legitimate answer to the OP's question I will engage in a little thread drift. Did you run you 40' RV on solar? That seems like it would take a rather large array for AC, microwave etc. Also, what size battery bank did you have? Seriously interested.
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