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  1. I see you edited your response a few hours ago so I have a question. Changing carriers is pretty much a non-starter. At home, Consumer Cellular "suits my style". Last time we were RVing, the internet was not a real RV interest. I realize that we now have more things we cannot live without. As you look to be savvy about Rving and the internet, please help me out. If I use the internet for 1 hour/day, no video streaming, what would you estimate my daily data usage be? A nominal 31 day billing period would afford me 645 megabytes/day. In response to your last sentence, no I do not plan to use a significant amount of data. Once again, I estimate 1 hour/day.
  2. A little late but thanks for the help. Yes, the large nozzles fit into mine. Checked it out last week. Had forgotten how oily/greasy the deck is around trucker's fuel pumps. My floor mats reminded me.
  3. Since I gave a legitimate answer to the OP's question I will engage in a little thread drift. Did you run you 40' RV on solar? That seems like it would take a rather large array for AC, microwave etc. Also, what size battery bank did you have? Seriously interested.
  4. If it is original equipment I would say "yes" although as to how much of an impact I don't know. When you use Kelly Blue Book or the other service to establish a selling price, accessories are gone though and add or subtract from the price. Don't know but I would expect the same service is available for RVs. Selling an RV with an installed, non-functioning generator would be a problem for me as a buyer. I recently hosted a couple (Boondockers Welcome), class B sans installed generator. They did have a whisper quiet 3500w inverter generator that was stowed in one of the compartments. It cost them $700. I forget the name at the moment. If/when I remember I will post it. He also told me it would run up to 11 hours per tank of fuel depending on load.
  5. Gee, I didn't know National Lampoon was still in publication.
  6. I believe you may be stereotyping yourself as, please excuse the pointed phrase, a control freak. Also feeds a common (I hope) misconception about police. If your statistic is anywhere near accurate, I am happy to hear that 90% of dog owners see them as family and not animals to be subjected to abject domination and control. The industrial revolution pretty much put an end to that. At least in our part of the world. I respectfully suggest you keep your dog on a leash in public and don't play fetch on I-75.
  7. 2004 F250. A response on another forum said that Fords after 2003 can take the larger nozzle. Will see if it is true next time I fuel up.
  8. I tend to agree. What led you to the conclusion that tires are the answer to your "princess and the pea" issue? You may want to look at your suspension and steering first. Also your RV is not going to ride like your 760Li BMW. Possibly your expectations are a not realistic.
  9. Sorry I am a little late to the party. I currently do not have a hotspot but probably will this summer when we hit the road. That is why this thread caught my attention. Am I correct when I say all this discussion is about a separate piece of hardware? I use Consumer Cellular (ATT towers). They have offered to turn my iphone into a hot spot for a monthly charge. I do not recall how much at the moment. Instead of throttling when you reach a certain amount of data they kick you up to the next higher plan. Any comment on using your cell phone as a hot spot?
  10. I have not been on the road pulling a 5th wheel with a diesel pick up truck in 13 years. Although I have always had a diesel pickup I go to the car pumps to buy diesel.The last time I camped the semi-truck pumps at truck stops had larger diameter nozzles which were too large for my pickup truck. Obviously I had to chose fuel stations wisely. I would have paid the extra money to fill up at a truck stop for the convenience of using the semi truck pumps. I have a 2004 F250 diesel. Are pickup trucks now able to use the larger nozzles? Thanks, Friz
  11. If you know of any place, please direct to to a Disc upgrade not much more money and less trouble than electric. I have not found a set of Discs less than $1000. I found a new Dexter set, Drums, for $160. I would very much like to upgrade to Discs. Thanks, friz
  12. Good Sam's is offering Roadside assistance for $79.99 for 39 hours more. Usually leary of this sales tactic so I thought I would ask here. Is that a good deal? What Roadside Assistance do you use and how much? Obviously I need/want it. Have been out of RVing for 12 years. We will be on the road in a couple of months.
  13. Wife has Medicare and Tricare for Life. Have never paid a penny in out of pocket expenses excluding the Medicare monthly premium. Given the number of times she goes to a doctor each month, the Medicare premium is pretty well covered by the co-pays for which Tricare for Life pays. Tricare for Life has covered 100% of anything Medicare does not. I use the VA. Care is no cost. We get our prescriptions filled at the Naval Hospital pharmacy - no cost. Not sure of how the VA works if I am forced to use a non VA facility like when we are on the road.
  14. Anyone use Caravan Overnight Sensor Cleaner or a similar product? If you have do they work? Thanks, Friz
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