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  1. Chuck

    Oil testing Speedco vs Blackstone

    I bought one off Amazon some time ago, but did not think to bring it on our winter travels. I will make sure to measure and cut it to the approximate length of the dip stick and take my own samples.
  2. Chuck

    Oil testing Speedco vs Blackstone

    Thanks to all. I am feeling better about the resukts. I will stick with Blackstone. Bill you make a good point on how the sample is drawn.
  3. Chuck

    Oil testing Speedco vs Blackstone

    2003 vnl 610, 5000 miles on fresh oil at the time of this sample. Approx 642,000 on the clock at time of sample. As I had no record of previous testing, I stopped at Spoedco in El Paso to have a test run with 5000 miles since the last oil change. I also had a Blackstone vile, so I sent it in as well. There are dramatically different testing results from the two. Speedco indicated a severe copper and chromium presence. The narrative indicated that I had dirty air getting into the system. And that I should perhaps change the filter (which I did) and check all induction connections. They also indicated, that this could be negatively affecting engine aware. However, the Blackstone lab test results indicated none of this. There are no issues. Both oil samples taken at the same time. Anybody have any comments on this?
  4. Please send pics tatonka2001@gmail.com
  5. Chuck

    Mexico travel

    I am stationary for a few months in Tombstone. Talked to a guy who just pulled in. He was headed to Mexico (Nogales port of entry) to work at a friends Rv park. Pulling a 5er with 2000 F 450 flat bed. They would not let him across the boarder. Even though the truck is registered recreational, the flat bed was the deal breaker. He said all other paperwork was in order. Not a conventional pick up set up. I guess they determined that he could come into Mexico and do commercial work. We had thought about doing a Baja Caravan in the future. What does this mean for HDT's. Anybody have an experience here.
  6. Chuck

    Davco filter

    I added fuel to the Davco this morning. Completed about 250 miles. No change in level.
  7. Chuck

    What a hoot!!

    On our maiden voyage from Nor Cal to El Paso in the 2003 vnl 610. Unfortunately, still pulling my 29 ft Maxlite TT. Been out 3 nights. Got the Harley on a Rampage lift on the bed. The comments are great. "Got enough truck?", "is that trailer heavy?" , "Overkill?", " I been thinking about doing that!". To "that is a beautiful truck." Lol. We still have 3 months to go!!
  8. Chuck

    Davco filter

    Thanks all. I do have the manual. But, when panic mode sets in, the best place to go is here. I am in Benson AZ and it will be Sunday. Not much here anyway. Lol
  9. Chuck

    Davco filter

    I don't know. I check it every day and this evening was the first time I noticed the issue. I think tomorrow I will get a gas can to carry some diesel and fill it part way and continue to check. I will be in El Paso tomorrow afternoon and look further into it while I am there for a couple of weeks. Service was done at Speedco.
  10. Chuck

    Davco filter

    On maiden voyage in the610. About 800 miles. Had the fuel filters changed prior to trip. Level in the glass had been hanging about an inch or so above rim. Now can't see level. What is going on?
  11. Chuck

    Fuel-water seperator, how often do you change it?

    Yes, the glass bulb. I guess watching the fuel rise gradually to the top is an indication of restriction. On you tube, they recommended doing a slight drain everyday!! I guess this would be more for commercial use.
  12. Chuck

    Fuel-water seperator, how often do you change it?

    I am new to this, but a you tube vid detailed that the separator filter should be changed when the fuel approaches the top of the separator. Based on some service records that came with the truck, the filters had not been changed in 4 years. I also noticed some black crap when I drained some fuel from the separator. It does not appear my Volvo (d12) had had an oil change in 4 years as well. I needed a fresh starting point, so I went for a complete service at Speedco, plus oil analysis. Waiting on results.
  13. Chuck

    Volvo emissions issues?

    Guess I may be glad I have a 2003 vnl https://www.overdriveonline.com/volvo-emissions-systems-running-into-degradation-issues-company-investigating-scope/
  14. Chuck

    Deer/Moose Guards

    I have started looking for deer/moose guards for my 2003 VNL. The on line sites I have reviewed seem to list guards for 2004 and up. I can’t imagine the placement of the front receivers changing. Does this have to do with a change in headlights? Are the newer guards constructed where they may cross or interfere with the headlights on my older VNL?