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  1. Jim, I would bet you could have relays and /or sensors involved. Don't know anything specific to western star, just going by my old days of working on various AC systems
  2. Chuck


    Pulling out of Americas Way, Box Elder this am. Hdt, smart and fifth wheel (could not tell make) heading east on I90. We were also heading east. Anyone I know. Chuck and Cheryl Beaty
  3. Chuck

    Kodiak Brakes

    2003 Volvo vnl 610
  4. Chuck

    Kodiak Brakes

    Btw, I have been going through some brake issues with my new horizons. Very excessive wear. Less than 1500 miles on a new caliper--trashed. Not related to caliper loosening. They are Dexter calipers and no info regarding use of loctite. What say all.
  5. Chuck

    Bedroom tv puzzling

    2010 New Horizon 1. no coaxial cable stub in Bedroom only Sat and Antenna. 2 Front cabinet- I have bypassed the Winegard switch box and used a splitter for Main cable in. Attached Main TV (works fine) Attach cable marked Bedroom TV. No signal TV. Attaching to SAT coaxial stub, as there is no cable stub. Am I missing something here.
  6. Chuck


    First time using Blue Beacon yesterday in Wytheville Virginia. $80.00 for all, with Rainex. Very professional and well done. All the good it did me. Thunderstorms in the afternoon.
  7. Chuck


    I have Highway Products. They appear to be off the shelf. My rig is singled long and they are in a cradle between the skirting steps and the rear tire. Never had any leaks. Tried to send a pic, but not successful.
  8. Chuck

    Stuck in Winnemucca NV

    You might call Blake, at high desert Towing in Winnemucca. He came and got me 70 miles north on 95 outside of Winnemucca when my trailer through A bearing. Fixed my trailer. He also has a big O tire shop there and I believe he works on big rigs as well. I highly recommend him.
  9. Big problem in Arizona. While there over the winter for a few months, my neighbor with a class C developed a pack rat problem. Vehicle wouldn’t start, ate the water lines. Brought to the engine compartment, Cactus, dog shit, and rocks. Played like hell catching it. I took the charge in helping her catch the sob. Finally succeeded. They are destructive.
  10. Chuck

    Bumper Pull Hitch

    I had one custom done for $800.00 and some change. Lights and 7 pin were already set up. Also, consider a Gen Y hitch, or some equivalent, for a tow behind due to the relatively light pin weights.
  11. Chuck

    Amber running lights

    I need to replace 2 running lights. 2003 Volvo vnl 610, 4 diode. Any source? What is the oem item part number. Looked at Raneys. They reference the oem #. Also a little pricey.
  12. Chuck

    Locking fuel caps

    I got mine on eBay for $54.00 each. Now they are double. Big5er source probably the best.
  13. Chuck

    Fuel issues

    Here is my recent experience. Had very similar issue. Volvo vnl 610, d12. Started loosing fuel level in the Davao filter. Finally gave up the ghost after about 5000 miles while out on winter travels. Also, running rough. Traced to cylinder 6, by the use of a heat gun. Temp significantly lower than the rest. Would not re prime. Ended up being injector sleeves. Also had the injector wiring harness replaced. I have heard that there is a check ball valve in the Davco which can be problematic. Good luck with the problem.
  14. Chuck

    Road side Assistance

    I have coachnet. Volvo vnl 610. Glad I do. Broke down in Tombstone a couple of weeks ago. Towed to Tucson Vanguard Volvo. Not exactly around the corner. Their service was superb in letting me know the status of the tow rig as well as follow up to make sure he arrived and took care of me. Money well spent.
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