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  1. Tcwndsr

    NJ Turnpike

    You can miss some of the tolls by taking I-295 to Bordentown then US 130. Once you get up around Edison the Jersey Turnpike is your best bet though. You might be able to get an EZ Pass at a rest area in any of the states that are in the EZ Pass system.
  2. Tcwndsr

    South Dakota to NY/NJ

    We took US 20, NE 12 through Nebraska. IA 44, US 6 through Iowa to Moline then I 80 to avoid the worst of the Chicago nightmare. The trip through Iowa and Nebraska was awesome, beautiful country out there. You can make pretty good time on those roads and see some nice sights.
  3. Tcwndsr

    Have You Named Your RV?

    Ours is a National Sea Breeze. We call it the Breeze - we keep blowin down the road.
  4. Tcwndsr

    Hauling our motorcycle

    Bouncing on just the rear suspension. Any movement of the hitch and tow vehicle would be amplified to the rear suspension on the bike.
  5. Tcwndsr

    Hauling our motorcycle

    Based on my experience towing on a small trailer, your proposed set up woul beat the living crap out of the bike. I agree, maybe useful for short distance but not a long distance solution.
  6. Tcwndsr

    Hair Stylist or Barber or Other

    Do it myself. That $40 I spent on clippers 15 years ago has paid for itself many times over.
  7. Tcwndsr

    What would proper wifi cost a park?

    We were just in a fairly small park that was looking to upgrade their system so it was more usable. I'm not talking 100% streaming here, just usable normal surfing. They were throwing out numbers in the tens of thousands of dollars, $30-50,000 minimum!!! And they weren't even sure a decent system was possible in their rural location. I don't know how a business could justify that expense without charging guests for usage.
  8. Tcwndsr

    Winter Reservations

    We are winging it in FL on our way to Wauchula where we have reservations for Jan/Feb. Have been able to piece together three night stays at State, County, National Forest campgrounds. Finding a week in one place is already getting difficult. Remember that Florida State Parks try to hold 10% of their sites for walk ins. Call ahead and show up early for your best shot at these sites. Elks lodges have also been a good resource for us but you have to be a member. Keep calling private campgrounds, month long sites may open up as people call in with cancellations. Long term options will be more difficult as the winter progresses.
  9. Tcwndsr

    Water heater won't light/ stay lit

    I just went through a similar issue over the past few months. This thread has a lot of info and tips. I'm pretty sure my problem ended up being low voltage to the board due to a bad converter and undercharged batteries.
  10. Tcwndsr

    Atwood water heater won't light

    UPDATE: After a week or so my heater went back to the same intermittent mis-firing. I went through all the connections and adjustments again without much improvement. In the meantime, I discovered my converter was bad and had run down the batteries. I am wondering if low voltage on the batteries couldn't provide enough juice to get a nice spark at the water heater even though my 12V lights and accessories were working normally. Since replacing the converter the water heater has been flawless with immediate ignition whenever I turn the switch on. Thoughts?
  11. Tcwndsr

    Dentists while on the road

    The only issue we've had is that most dentists require full X-rays for new patients which jacks up the price when we only needed a cleaning. We shopped around before finding a dentist with a reasonable deal for new patients that included the required X-rays. They are near our daughters house so we will schedule appointments for when we are in town for a visit.
  12. Tcwndsr

    Domicle Address Question

    We had several "official " letters addressed to our Bushnell mailing address when we went to get our DL, registration and change our domicile to Florida. Bank statements, insurance cards, Florida Blue correspondence should do the trick. The folks at the courthouse in Bushnell were easygoing and we didn't have a problem. It was a very enjoyable morning after all the stress of getting our ducks in a row. We used this excellent post by Lynne at Winnieviews as our bible. https://winnieviews.blogspot.com/2015/12/how-to-move-to-florida-in-1-hour.html
  13. Tcwndsr

    Opinions on warranties & protection plans??

    We purchased an esc on our 2002 Class A but thankfully have not had the need to use it. Most problems have been minor and easily fixed for well under the $200 deductible the plan has. We still feel better having it on this older rig that was an unknown when we purchased her. It will be a tough decision whether we renew it next year. We have road service and have used it twice for our pickup truck. It is a great plan that covers all of our vehicles including the motorcycle. I would recommend always having some type of road service. We also have a TPMS. We haven't run into an emergency tire situation on the road but again the peace of mind it provides is worth it. It's also a convenience to not have to manually check air pressures as often.
  14. Tcwndsr

    Atwood water heater won't light

    I seem to have solved my problem with the water heater, it has been working normally for the past week. The last thing I did was clean the ground and re tighten. I also adjusted the position of the new igniter tip closer to the end of the burner tube. Thanks for all the help and suggestions, it was more frustrating than difficult but following all the tips here should get most heaters up and running again.
  15. Tcwndsr

    Atwood water heater won't light

    Yes, the lights on the switch are working as they should. The last thing I did was clean and tighten the ground and reseat the plug on the board, have had normal operation for two days in a row. Maybe I hit on the right combination somehow. I'll let you know if this continues.