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  1. Trust the dealer? Ummm, no.
  2. The waiting list at Florida SKP Resort in Wauchula is around 100 and takes about 6-7 years to get to the top of the list. After reaching number one you can defer joining 3 times before moving back to the end of the list.
  3. Our rain sensor wasn’t working, vent would stay open when it started to rain. I just went up and gave everything a good cleaning, including the sensor, and everything was good again.
  4. Allstays is the most comprehensive. I check Campendium, Ultimate Public when Allstays doesn’t seem to have what I’m looking for. Campendium May be more useful for boondocking spots especially in the western states.
  5. Looks like we should start making up a bag for Goodwill. Most of the stuff in the bins hasn’t been used in 2 years.
  6. We recently had the opportunity to go through some of our more formal and cold weather clothing that was stored in plastic bins both inside the rig and in the storage bay. We were disappointed to find mold setting in on some of it especially shoes, belts but also winter coats and dresses. How can we prevent this in the future?
  7. Sounds like you might be at Gray’s Point or Bethpage? From what I’ve heard of those two you’ll enjoy the Forestry Center MUCH more!
  8. I joined mostly for the cheap camping but once I learned more about the Elks and what they do I am proud to be a member. Though I am not active in my home Lodge I am confident they are putting my membership fees to good use, especially in helping out our veterans. We have camped at some great spots (Oak Island, NC - free dry camping 2 blocks from the ocean!) and try to go in for a drink or meal so we can chat with local members and learn a bit about the area we are visiting. If given a choice we would stay at an Elks Lodge rather than a Walmart every time.
  9. The New Kent facility harvests pine cones which provide the seeds for new seedlings. It is an interesting operation and we sometimes get involved in some aspects of that. There has also been an educational aspect where school groups would come in to experience the various habitats that exist on the property but that is reporetedly ending and being moved elsewhere.
  10. Awesome workamping opportunity near Richmond, VA. Volunteers needed at New Kent Forestry Center, Virginia Department of Forestry. Located halfway between Richmond and Williamsburg in Providence Forge, VA this volunteer position requires 10 hrs per person per week in exchange for a full hook up site. The volunteer campground is located in a scenic and quiet section of the property with lots of birds and wildlife. Access to the Chicahominy River for canoes or kayaks on the property. Work mostly involves mowing grass around offices with zero turn mowers and in pine orchards with farm tractor and brush hog. Women help out in office and conference center with cleaning, filing and other projects. The staff is very friendly, easygoing and great to get along with. This is a low stress volunteer position. Time commitment is anything from a month to a full season. The area has no end of things to do and see, the area is loaded with colonial, revolutionary war and Civil War history sites. Shopping, restaurants, nightlife in both Richmond and Williamsburg. About 1.5 hours to Virginia Beach. Groceries and basics also available in Providence Forge. We have been volunteering there for 3 years now and will definitely be back in the future. Feel free to contact us for more info or contact Jeff Stout or Lisa Burke at the Forestry Center at 804.966.2201.
  11. You can miss some of the tolls by taking I-295 to Bordentown then US 130. Once you get up around Edison the Jersey Turnpike is your best bet though. You might be able to get an EZ Pass at a rest area in any of the states that are in the EZ Pass system.
  12. We took US 20, NE 12 through Nebraska. IA 44, US 6 through Iowa to Moline then I 80 to avoid the worst of the Chicago nightmare. The trip through Iowa and Nebraska was awesome, beautiful country out there. You can make pretty good time on those roads and see some nice sights.
  13. Ours is a National Sea Breeze. We call it the Breeze - we keep blowin down the road.
  14. Bouncing on just the rear suspension. Any movement of the hitch and tow vehicle would be amplified to the rear suspension on the bike.
  15. Based on my experience towing on a small trailer, your proposed set up woul beat the living crap out of the bike. I agree, maybe useful for short distance but not a long distance solution.
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