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  1. On my 2004 NationAl Tropical I have noticed when I am plugged into shore power for more than 4 days my starting batteries are low I have tried the battery boost an it did not help I had to use jumper cables from coach batteries to starting batteries to start the motorhome .when plugged into shore power does it also charge your starting batteries ? or just charges your coach batteries.I know I need to have my starting batteries checked an replaced if required .thanks Rick
  2. Here is a update on my driving of hwy 550 , left Ouray an drove into Silverton stopped and did the mine tour ,highly recommend this tour we then left Silverton an on into Durango where we will be for 4 days .Had no issues driving 550 it does have plenty of switchbacks an down grades we just took our time used the engine brake when needed did not go into first . I believe I can now say I have done mountain driving ?Thanks for all the input .Rick
  3. Good morning a question for 2gypsies or anyone who has done a lot of mountain driving ,when shifting down an using the engine brake have you ever shifted as low to 1st gear .I have been shifting down to 3rd an when I turn on the engine brake it automatically shifts it into 2nd , an I have the flashers on in 3rd gear bur when it goes into 2nd the flashers appear to go on steady no more flashing not sure if this ic common . Thanks Rick
  4. Yes our next stop is Silverton,have been in Ouray doing some Jeepin an having a great time.My plan is to not connect the Jeep to the MH an will connect 25-30 miles down the road,thanks for the info.Rick
  5. I am enjoying a trip in Colorado an will be traveling on hwy 550 through the city of Ouray I have heard the road is challenging ,I am driving a 2004 National Tropical with a 330 cat.has any body driven this road an there thoughts .thanks Rick
  6. My motorhome is a 2004 Tropi/Cal T396 I am thinking of removing the carpet on the floor an leave the carpet on the slideouts ,but I have heard that some slideouts need carpet to slide on an if laminate flooring was to be installed it would scratch the flooring .Are there any Tropi/Cal owners that have tried this ? Thanks Rick
  7. Thanks for all the input ,I might go ahead an reinstall the thermal switch I thought by having the fans run all the time would help but know I am not sure hmmmm .I will wait a couple of hours before I change it due to being in Vegas an there are 35 mph winds . Thanks Rick
  8. I am having trouble keeping the fridge cold my fridge is a Dometic New Dimension double door fridge .Does any body know if it is ok to bypass the thermal switch an have the fan run all the time ??I have done this thinking it would be good for the fridge .thanks Rick
  9. Good day does anybody have experience with Direct Tv hook up? I’m hooking up a G3 Wingard and in the main electrical compartment where the big cord is power cord I need to plug-in to electrical devices from DIRECTV or Wingard. In a compartment there is a power tech power controller model number RL Dash 1009. Previous owner has the power disconnected from the power tech not sure why. Why is there a power tech back in this compartment I know upfront where you plug your TV in there is one so you can’t watch TV while you’re driving which I have never attempted never plan on doing trust me there’s a hockey game on I will pull over and watch it. My plan in the back compartment is to do way with the power tech wire in a double 110 receptacle and then I can plug in my to DIRECTV in Wingard devices. Any advice and assistance would be appreciated thank you
  10. Good day we are planning a approximately 3 month trip an will be towing our Jeep an are thinking about taking 2 old mountain bikes .My question is for recommendations on good carriers ,I have looked on line an of course I get good an bad reviews your thoughts ,thanks Rick
  11. Thanks for all the input , I did go under an found the air tanks an found the lanyards all coiled up with zip ties an found the air dryer .I called several MH an truck shops an some even told me rarely do you change the air dryer .I then contacted Freightliner an they recommend change filter every 3years ,an advised me not to pull the lanyards due to it appears they have never been done an may stick open.Took to a shop an had them replace air dryer an look into the lanyards .They found the original air dryer an ran the 2 lanyards to the wheel wheels , where he showed me how to pull them an I could hear air.So I believe it was a good call .Know I have it home I wonder if the wheel well is a good location ? Any thoughts ? Thanks Rick
  12. Good day some questions regarding air brake service on a 2004 Tropi- Cal on a Freightliner chassis .I would like to do this service myself but have not been able to find a video that gives the step by step procedure. I am sure I can find the dryer but the manual also talks about draining 3 lanyards an the tank . Have any of you guys done your own service or do you know of a good video ? Thanks Rick
  13. Well I have a 2004 Tropical with a kingdome on it which I have never used only had rig since February ,I am told it is time to retire the Kingdome my question is which way to with a satellite buy a new dome for the roof or go with the portable style,I have heard if permanent on the roof an you get inference when parked you either move or ?? Which way would you recommend? Oh we have direct tv at home if that helps or not
  14. I was up on the roof washing it an noticed the factory tape starting to go bad an edges coming up , what brand of roof tape have you used an had good results with it ??
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