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  1. My Mobley is not used in the car. It is used with an adapter in the motorhome as we are fulltimers. When I first got the Mobley, it would turn off after 30 minutes. A search of internet posts alerted me to the "Power Save" menu that allowed you to change from the default "30 minutes" to "never time out." So I changed it that one time and have never had a problem since. Over the past year mine stayed on as long as I needed it to, sometimes for hours and hours. Yesterday when I turned it on a red light appeared on the Mobley indicating it was updating. This had never happened before. Shortly thereafter the two green lights appeared and I was connected to the internet. 30 minutes later it turned off. I toggled it back on and it stayed on for 30 minutes and then turned off. I remembered the long-ago internet tip and signed into the Administrative area of my Mobley using my laptop. When I went to the "Power Save" options, the option to always remain on or never time out (I forget the wording) was gone. The longest time available was now showing as 2 hours. In recent months my usage has been over 50 GB per month with one month at 79 GB. Perhaps this change is selective for high use? I didn't really think 50 GB was high use. But, in consideration of the original intent of the Mobley to be a "Connected Car" device, 50 GB is probably way more than they expected. So far I am happy that they haven't discontinued the device/plan completely since we are using it with a power source other than the special car port that was intended.
  2. Yes. My Mobley just updated itself and the "no time out" option is gone. Go figure! It was nice while it lasted.
  3. Come on over and stay with us awhile. Here is our rig on a typical lot here in the co-op.
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