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  1. Palm Creek RV Resort in Casa Grande has a fantastic wood shop. This is a true 5 star park.
  2. I just needed some repairs to the motorhome. Called a dealer near me, they asked is it a warranty repair? if so, we can schedule you in 4 weeks. I said no, customer pay. She said I have an opening on Monday, three days away. They got me in and out in one day. They really are not too excited about dealing with warranty companies to try and get paid.
  3. As Phil stated your price point is pretty low, and for those dollars you will probably have to spend some more money to repair a few items, and that could end up a lot of $. Here in Arizona I see some class C's for sale that are in decent shape and would probably work for you but more in the 10-15 thousand dollar range.
  4. When I switched from South Dakota plates to Az the lady in the DMV office asked questions. How many axles? How many doors, she said sounds like a 4 door dually pick up to her and I was given truck plates up to 20,000lbs gross. I said thank you and paid the plate charges and left. I guess it all depends on who ya get at the window and how they want to figure out what to charge you. My Stallic Box and International 400 Lo Pro was rated to 20,000 lbs.
  5. I use the SMI Stay & Play, love it. Set it one time and it has been doing its thing on every stop without issue. Also used the light wiring system that uses all the factory lights in my Cadillac and like how nice and easy it is to plug in and go. I also have a Class C and tow a 2015 Cadiiiac SRX
  6. Used to own a spot in this park just outside of Baldwin, loved it! Pretty, quiet , well maintained and has all the amenities of a large resort. They do rent out sites by the day, week or month and have sites for sale. Might want to check it out if your heading to the northern Michigan area. http://www.peremarquettervpark.com/
  7. I just had the SMI Duo system installed into my 2015 Cadillac SRX to tow behind my motorhome. Small, compact and easy to operate. One switch to turn on or off. I'm more than impressed with not only the installer I chose but the operation of the unit. I did a little bit of investigation before going with the SMI unit and think I made a good choise. Pricing between the Roadmaster Invisabrake was close but I went with the unit i felt was best for my use. The braking is seemless when i stop and no jerking motions or hard pulling from the toad vehicle. Feels like the motorhome & toad are stopping as one unit.
  8. I replace the three step with a four step in the rv site we were in years ago. The fourth step closest to the ground was not as firm as the old 3 step, so I would used a block of wood to lay under that step for removing the flex. Otherwise loved the 4th step, easier to gain access into the rig and even my dog liked it better. I recall there was 6 bolts holding the original 3 step and the new set had the same holes for the bolts, not a big job, but they were heavy so used a floor jack to pull out the old steps and position the new set in place.
  9. When I was traveling full time and weighing rigs at the various rallies all over the USA, I took checks. Rather than bundle them up and send to the credit union we used to use we opened a Chase Bank account. We found them everywhere and it made depositing easy. These are the banks with the most U.S. branches: 1.Wells Fargo 2.JPMorgan Chase 3.Bank of America
  10. RV site for rent for next winter or all year. Photos show my RV on lot, fits a 38+ft 5th wheel, Medium Duty Truck & another vehicle, plus awning & shed. Very roomy & comfortable. Site is in the Sunscape RV Resort that is a pet-friendly, 55+ park located approx 7 miles east of Casa Grande. This lot has a concrete pad that will fit any motor home or 5th wheel along with a tow vehicle. It is a full hook up site with 50 amp/30 amp/sewer and water. Renter will be responsible for any electric costs. The lot has a shed that is large enough to hold a full size motorcycle so it would be out of the weather or sun, also on the concrete pad, so no loose gravel to drive on. This lot is on a quiet street and is a very safe park. Lots of activities: pool, spa, card games, bingo, pickleball, billards, quilting, computer club, line dancing, weekly menu, tag-a-long meals, monthly planned events & lots more. Would rent 4-5 or 6 month terms, a yearly term would also be available. $375 per month up to 6 months, $300 per month for a 12 month rent. More photos of lot will be sent upon request. Any questions, please contact me. email: weighit@gmail.com
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