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  1. jacks


    How many here have sold the sticks and bricks and gone full time at 65 years or older? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the feedback, still learning, but Verizon sounds pretty good. “Mobile internet resource center” on you tube has good info.
  3. jacks

    AXIS Thor

    Hi, Is anyone full timing in a Thor Axis? Curious about your experience with the Unit. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the replies, Verizon in the west sounds good
  5. For someone who needs the income from trading several times a day, losing a phone or internet connection could cause an expensive event. Probably not a good idea. Thanks
  6. Anyone out there day/swing trading the stock market full time from your RV? Curious about internet service reliability.
  7. Wow, thanks everyone, appreciate the feedback. New neighbor who moved in above me,,,, I gotta get out of this condo:)
  8. I wonder about basic comforts such as heating and cooling, the noise that heating and cooling produce, food prep effort, claustrafobia, and security. I recently downsized from a nice home to a small condo at age 64, single and dislike the condo due to all the noise and close neighbors, even though its on a golf course, view ,nice pools but drives me nuts with all the noise.. I see and have met people who have lived here for 15 years and I don't want to live here anymore.......jump or slowly expire? I see adventure, new experiences, meeting new humans in the jump.
  9. The arctic fox looks great. I looked at one 2 years ago. The DRV's look pricey.
  10. Remember that the Diesels are likely more expensive to maintain. Not sure of your financial situation. It might be worth the expense to hire a mechanic to check it out before you shell out the money. Kirk and others more experienced than I can tell you all about that. The last thing you want is to get a lemon and well.....sorry but take a lot of caution going that old with a brand that isnt so so great. I may get yelled at by Damon owners. I share the same thoughts and doubts as you do. My home has been on the market for three months, Im also going to sell my 3 year old 1/2 ton pick-up truck that is almost paid off with only 20,000 miles on it) and get a class A or B or C : going psycho trying to decide. Im 62, on early social security, and when the house sells will have a nest egg. Good luck to you and my humble opinion is Go For it! Just my humble opinion, after reading this whole blog, I think an older large Dpusher is not the right choice. If you enjoy fixing things, have a large tool box and are very mechanically minded well maybe it is.
  11. My house has been on the market for 50 days, nice 2 bedroom, den, 2020 sq. foot home, pool/spa in sunny Scottsdale, Az? Hope Im not violating any rule with my post. Probably asking too much, am still trying to make final decision on RV full timer life, RV type, so I might be class of 17! I can't buy an RV until house sells, looks like I may be homeless for a while. Maybe get an apartment for a month or two until I get the RV. Thanks for all the great information.
  12. jacks

    5er vs CL A

    Kirk, Im not one to follow advice (and that has gotten me in a lot of trouble following my own path:) Rockon! Looks great! They are pricey new and probably hard to find used ones, probably other manufacturers as well.
  13. jacks

    5er vs CL A

    Being a solo guy, probably don't need that much, but those foretravel 12 or so year old DP's are like a high end condo! But too much space for one guy. So many choices. I do like the idea of a CL A with a scooter/moped but with fat off road tires and a little more ooomph than a moped for grocery etc runs.
  14. jacks

    5er vs CL A

    Dune, That makes a lot of sense, I am reluctant to get a class a and then get another motorized vehicle, but still in the paralysis by analysis stage. Hope that trailer keeps warm in your neck of the woods. Saw your blog about Johnson creek, great photos! Thanks for the feedback.
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