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  1. According to reports that I have read, the answer would be yes, if it passes.
  2. Only one event to go and the 57th Escapade will be in the books. Hitch-up breakfast is this morning and then we start to go our separate ways, Last night was the last big event with Kay Peterson's 90th birthday celebration, and what a night it was.
  3. Well.................. True scientificaly speaking, but I assure you that a 1 minute run while you are awake is far less than 3 spurts of 20 seconds each when you are trying to sleep.
  4. Welcome to the Escapee forums! I would encourage you to consider joining this great organization as you progress so check out the benefits of the club soon. I also encourage you to read at least one book on the RV lifestyle which can probably be found at your local library, or you can find a good assortment of them on Amazon if you wish to purchase. I believe that you will find a great deal of valuable information ins these books and it gives you a good base for what questions you need to consider. There is very litte which has only one possible solution. In our 12 years of full-time RV living, we found that for most immediate medical needs, the commonly found emergency physician services serve very well. Be sure that you have with you a current list of all meds you use and the dosages of each. For continuing medical issues you will usually need to have an ongoing relationship with a physician or specialist. Like Barb, we found that it was good to return to that same doctor at least annually, and also like Barb we found mail order pharmacies to be a good way to get medications, although some travelers use pharmacy chains. Banking can be done pretty much anywhere with the current electronic communications network, but I do prefer to have my bank, doctors, vehicle registrations, insurance, and most other things in the location where I choose to claim as my domicile, since that makes it less probable to ever be questioned.
  5. Those lists have become much shorter with the wide acceptance of electronic documents. In ours we do not carry the vehicle titles but copies of them with a son to overnight them to us if needed. We do keep a copy of our dog's papers as not all parks or border crossings accept electronic. We also carry insurance documents, with a backup set in the safety deposit box at our son's. (Insurance companies will supply more than one "origional" set.)
  6. Pam says, "icecream fixes everything!"
  7. While that is true, remember that inside of the RV when everything is closed up, humidity can very quickly rise for a period of time after you shower or cook. It is the inside air that is passed through the cooling coils and for that reason you may get some condensation for a short period, as we have here in Tucson, but only for the time that it takes to drop the humidity/duepoint back down again.
  8. Is New Horizons going to buile it when available?
  9. I would dump before you travel as it could cause a lot of suds inside of the tank, but that should take care of the problem. Nothing else should be needed.
  10. Your request would probably have more responses if posted to the RV's Wanted section of the Market Place.
  11. I don't have any experience with them but I did find some reviews on the net. RV Keystone Reviews Roaming Times Buyers Beware
  12. We are in Tucson at Escapade. With high temperatures in the low 90's we have lots of a/c in operation and most will drip some moisture for a little bit of time in the morning after the residents take showers or just after cooking, but you have to look at just the right time to see any dripping at all. When humidity is low, there is little to no condensation from an a/c unit.
  13. I received a note from my friend Paul yesterday to let me know that they are seeking some volunteers! We had a really great experience there and know several others who also enjoyed their experience. Check them out on the internet and consider spending some time at Boyce Thompson Arboretum near Superior, AZ.