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  1. That might be better than lacking in class........
  2. Possibly true, but with a price of $63,900, I could buy a new 19' KZ-Sportsman every 10 years, even allowing for inflation and still have money left over when I was finished. I bought the one that we presently travel in new, just 4 years ago and I paid $12,000 in total including tax, title, and licensing. And my Sportsman has more headroom and even has storage cabinets above due to the difference in shape. Or you can compare the 17' Sport at $45,900 to the 17' Casita at $21,000.
  3. Great!
  4. That isn't exactly true. What they banned was state-funded travel to those states and it has no impact upon those who wish to travel to CA.
  5. Welcome to the Escapee forums! It is great having you join us. Don't think that there are no travel trailers owners on the forums as there are and I happen to be one of them. When we were fulltime with a tow rating of 5k#. We have since upgraded to a used Dodge/Cummins diesel, 2500 (3/4 ton) truck to tow with. There is a lot of advice to be had here, so ask away. Remember that the more you learn the better off you will be when shopping. We can offer things like checklists to use and advice on manufacturer reputations.
  6. That just tells us that you haven't been into RVs for very long. You could add others like Revcon, Superior, and National RV. There used to be some truth to that statement and the high price part is still true. In fact, that is the highest priced new RV available in the US today. A 16' model that you can pay $46K for! The most accurate description of them is:
  7. Welcome to the Escapee forums! Attending early would probably be a good thing if you continue to research and learn about RVs and RV living after that. Boot Camp is only the beginning and doesn't pretend to answer all of the questions. Before you go it would be wise to read some books on fulltime RV living from the library or from Amazon. The more that you know before you attend the better off you will be.
  8. Nobody I know does that... And I do not recommend fooling with the pressure switch adjustment on the water pump unless you have a pressure gauge to know for sure what you are dealing with. Turn it the wrong direction and you could damage your water system. In my experience, water pressure too high is as common as too low.
  9. Defining that is one of those things that just depend on who is answering. When we sold our house and hit the road the class idea had not been thought of. It originated out of a group of new full-timers who get together in Quartzsite and for several years the forums were used to promote that gathering. Over the years I think that it has gotten much looser on who is or isn't in any "class." I wonder if the lack of a "fulltimer class" would explain why I was recently told that I have no class?
  10. I don't use it either and my former employer (not an RV service) told techs not to use it.
  11. A friend in the parks asked me to post this one.
  12. To a degree, there is a correlation, but only within limits. It is pretty safe to assume that the lowest priced units are not as quality as those at the top of the price range, but you can't always say that all of those at the top are of high quality. The RV Consumer Group has done a great deal to educate the RV buyers and that has helped a little but you just can't educate those who are not interested or who don't realize the need. There are tell-tale signs that any layman can learn to look for which give strong hints about the level of quality of the construction, but even some of the best materials are at times used in construction that has little quality control to keep workmanship up. It is pretty safe to assume that when you buy a coach from Marathon , Prevost , or Newell you will get a high-quality coach but as you come down the price scale the quality control in the factory also disappears.
  13. Welcome to the Escapee forums! The short answer is no. I would take it that you are referring to travel in a mototrhome, and in such case, Orv has stated it correctly. It may not be within reach of the driver but I would never allow consumption of alcohol by the passengers while traveling either. Stored in a usual cabinet, cupboard, or the refrigerator was no problem.
  14. I was topside watch on my first boat when Admiral Rickover came aboard but never officially met him. The reality is that it doesn't. It may take a business that is receiving a check that long to do the things that they must, but a check is confirmed by the bank it is drawn on usually in minutes and always in 1 business day to the bank which accepted it. But if you are addressing the actual delivery of the RV, most of that time lapse is because of the selling dealer.
  15. As I understand it, in past years the center has only used local volunteers and for pretty limited jobs, but the ND parks have had budget cuts and so now have a smaller staff and will use volunteers in more positions. We will be staying in the campground at Cross Ranch, as there is no RV site with sewer at the center. The plan is that we would do interpretive work at both parks at various times. The center manager indicated that he is now working with the Cross Ranch manager and the entire work plan isn't yet developed.