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  1. Otter Creek is a beautiful park, I have never stayed at the campground but the park is very nice.
  2. Called around and a couple different places in town told me about a master welder about an hour away so I headed to Tractor Supply for a weld on receiver and out to his house. The end result is pretty impressive I think. Plate steel boxed in for strength feels more than adequate for a couple bikes. Link to this end result in my google drive. Will prime and paint when I get home in a month.
  3. not with a 10" rise though, at least not that I have seen.
  4. I have a 31' Btouring Cruiser towing a Jeep Wrangler unlimited with a roadmaster tow bar and NSA readybrake on top of a Roadmaster 10" rise extension rated at 400lbs tongue weight. I currently have my bikes on the back of the jeep with a Yakima swingaway hitch rack and a 4" drop extension to avoid the spare tire, but that is pretty inconvenient when we unhook and want to head on some trails and I'd like to have them on the back of the RV (talking about at least 3 bikes sometimes 4). With my current setup there is very little tongue weight on my hitch as the tow bar puts very little downward force. Just looking for opinions on options here. One would be a front hitch for the e450, but that might restrict airflow and cause overheating. Another, and one I am heavily considering, is to find an ace welder to put an additional weld-on 2" receiver on the top of my Roadmster 10" rise extension. I'd guess all together my bikes and rack are 120lbs (three aluminum mountain bikes and the yakima rack). I have a call in to a welder in Durango, co that has a good local reputation so will see what he says. Any feedback appreciated.
  5. i have a long air chuck, suppose I just need to go out there and see if I can get a better angle, my stems are pretty short currently.
  6. I just had a schrader valve (standard tire valve) ripped in two because a blowout ripped the braided valve extender off of it, don't really want to go that path.
  7. Links updated
  8. Thought I would show some pics of the solution I came up with to have the jeep ready to tow but be able to hide the components when not towing. The angle iron you see has slits cut in the top of the holes just big enough to allow the cable to slide through from the Ready Brake and the Break away. Once the bar is removed (unbolted) I can slide the cables and electric connection under my bumper where it can't be seen. Used it this weekend and it worked out really well, I am super impressed with the NSA ready brake, simple solution to a complex problem.
  9. I had valve extensions installed which made it super easy to check/air up tires, never experienced any air loss. However, I had a blowout on Monday and the tire ripped the extender off of the good tire taking the valve stem with it (leaving two flats on one side). Wondering what people are using to easily gain access to their valves. Thanks in advance.
  10. Agree, I had to get off the side of the interstate and had two flat tires and one spare. Limped in this am with 4 tires total and bought 6 new ones.
  11. Spare manufactured first week of 2004...13 years old, brand new, blew out the sidewall.
  12. Traveling up I-75 between Knoxville and Lexington we hit a strip of roofing nails (a strip from a nail gun, I know because a couple were still attached) blew an inside rear tire and the flapping rubber ripped the valve extender off of the good one beside it. Luckily it semi-slowly lost pressure and I got to the side of the road. Leveling jacks made getting the tires in the air quick work. Took off the two bad ones and replaced with the spare which still had sticker on it. I noticed it was different than all the other tires, but didn't look at date code (will check tomorrow). Went slow to next exit. Checked temp and pressure and all looked good so decided to try to drive to a tire place about 20 miles away and spend the night. About 5 miles into that 20, bang, the spare blows so I pulled over next to guard rail and three lanes of constant trucks and now the sun had set. Sent wife and baby in the TOAD to get somewhere safe. Jacks again to bring the rear up and took one good one off drivers side, flipped inside to outside and tightened lugs and limped along with one rear tire on each side to next exit. Sleeping here tonight then will find some tires in the morning. Getting new shoes all the way around. Rookie mistake not checking the spare for age when I bought the MH used. Live and learn I guess. Any suggestions on tires, Gulfstream Btouring, 31' on an e450.
  13. I got my first jeep a couple weeks ago and I'm getting it ready to drag behind the RV this summer. I have decided on Roadmaster Falcon 2 All Terrain with the adapters to work with the 3/4" D-ring mounts on my aftermarket bumper (good excuse to buy a steel bumper, ha). I will be using an NSA Ready brake and accompanying break-away unit. I will also wire up brake lights with additional bulbs, etc. as to avoid the factory wiring/electrical system. That being said, I feel like I'm going to have all this ugly stuff hanging off the front of my otherwise nice looking jeep. Wondering if anyone has installed their set-up and think it looks extra clean, I'd love to see pics and appreciate any pointers.Thanks in advance.Patrick
  14. I Have had a couple opportunities to use my setup and I had to run my small gen (Yamaha inverter) to keep the batteries charged. Think I need a smart charger and some solar like John T suggested. The Kisae inverter has a display but it isn't mounted somewhere convenient so figure I need to add some kind of monitor as well. Suggestions on a solar package? I'm fairly handy and have pretty easy access via refrigerator vent.