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  1. Email me at neal@rvforums.com. It’s bulky especially the pole so the UPS Store is probably going to be $75-100 for shipping, don’t know. You can just pay me whatever the actual shipping is plus your offer for the unit.
  2. Yes it is. I’m at home in Midlothian VA
  3. I've been in some severe fringe locations already such as Wahweap CG at Lake Powell and now at Grand Canyon Trailer village. No cellular boosting required, the Pepwave setup has saved the day time after time! Without it I would have no Internet!
  4. Anyone going to Quartzsite I'm selling my "used once" Weboost RV 65. https://rvforums.com/classifieds/weboost-rv-65.4/
  5. Try live chatting with AT&T. That's how I got my PUK1 and PUK2 codes. Didn't have to fight for them, was easy.
  6. Thanks. I think this thought it long gone. It just doesn't sound worth it. But thank you all.
  7. I haven't been without Internet for a year thanks to my Pepwave setup in my motorhome and roof mounted antenna. But hey, if you don't have Internet then just press the guide button haha. We'll suffer but still be able to find shows.
  8. I've been watching it. This is so needed. I'm hoping Amazon (JB) will also do the same and have some space competition. I just despise cell towers, glad someone is moving to the future. I hope they can deliver the bandwidth and grow to the needs over time. Remember what we paid for a phone in the house back in the '70's? Sucks we are paying that if not 2x and 3x (people with kids, etc.) for monthly phone costs!
  9. And that is the other option, find a place where I can buy or build a house with a garage for the motorhome. But that doesn't solve the problem of someone watching it, collecting mail, etc. while gone.
  10. Oh, I thought it used Google Home. I didn't know it could go through Amazon's Alexa system.
  11. Real-estate agents or maybe Realtor.com, etc.
  12. Yeah, I remember a guy buying a King Aire when I was at Newmar and he was dealing with insurance issues. Sounds like a tremendous hassle. This idea is fading fast
  13. I've been a member of Escapees for a year now, not too familiar with all the resources, just now learning. I was just in Benson a few weeks ago at a SP. Was a nice escape. (no pun intended)
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