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  1. I am in the process of installing them now and won't how effective they are until we hit the road the next time, but I suspect they will work well. I may not have been perfectly clear in my description, but when stopped there is a little lever on the locks that will keep them in the unlocked position. You unlock them with the "key", open the cabinet, flip the lever and then they remain unlocked. My challenge will be to remember to go around and return them to the locked position before traveling again.
  2. I thought I would throw this out here. I did a search and did not find anything posted already, if it has been I hope this is somewhat different. We have had a problem in the past with our cabinet doors coming open while we are traveling. Fortunately there was only one instance where there was any damage. Our solution was to wrap a loop of Velcro around the door handles. It is not an elegant solution and it is somewhat of a pain to keep track of the pieces of Velcro when we are stopped. My son has a toddler and he kid proofed all the kitchen cabinets and I got to looking at what he installed and a light went on. Those would be great for the RV! When they are locked they can be unlocked with a magnetic "key" and when you want them to stay unlocked it is a simple flick of a switch to keep them unlocked. So I have been installing them in the RV and thought I would share for others that have the same problem. I will say that these are easy to install as they have a 3M tape backing and I can tell you that they will stay closed even with the persistent tugging of a determined toddler.
  3. Not all updates are created equally. Generally Samsung recommends the updates and provides them to your carrier who then decides to push them to you or not or push them in full or only partially. Have you actually checked with the Tech Support at your provider for assistance? The latest update on my phone is for May 1st. This does not work for me either. Since this is in Nexus Help I suspect it is for Nexus phones.
  4. I guess that deserves some research but the website for them still shows a lifetime warranty.
  5. You can disable "Windows Update" in Services. The downside of this is that it will disable ALL updates for all apps/programs that use the service such as your Windows Defender updates.
  6. I have a name for our GPS. It also starts with a "B". GPS units have to rely on what is loaded in their on-board databases. Smart phones have the whole internet to draw on and thus will find things that your GPS can't. Overall though I find a GPS (especially one catering to RVs) to be better in the long run.
  7. I have not really invested any time to see if I might be eligible to visit a VA health care care facility. Being a retiree, I doubt I am and therefore have not pursued it. My next door neighbor of many years did use the VA system and always spoke well of the care he received.
  8. For the price of it I personally will stick with Progressive Industries. I somehow doubt that Camco is able to offer the same outstanding customer service as I have had experience with at Progressive Industries.
  9. Just a thought, but pewag Traction Chain Inc. is located in Pueblo, CO. Don't know where you are but perhaps you could save shipping with a visit to them in person.
  10. Let me jump in here and relate my story, which could easily be OP's story. Last year we got home from an extended trip and plugged in as we always do. Immediately the GFCI on the house tripped out. In our case, we have a 30 amp RV plug on the side of the house with an adapter to 50 amp on the trailer end of a cord. That plug in is in reality no more than 20 amps as it is fed (for now) off of a 20 amp GFCI protected circuit. This might not be code but it works for us to keep the RV batteries charged up. After testing the cord with a meter, and replacing the GFCI with a spare the problem was still there. I was scratching my head as the EMS had never reported any problems with anything along the way and nothing ever malfunctioned in the RV. I turned off the main breaker in the RV, plugged in and all was fine. I started adding in one circuit at a time until the GFCI tripped out. Only it didn't at the time. I shrugged and thought what the heck. A day later, it was tripped again. I went through the drill and this time a particular circuit tripped the GFCI. I thought I was getting closer and although the only thing plugged into that circuit was a couple of table lamps so I unplugged those and tried again. Tripped once more. I thought it might have been wiring jarred loose at this point so I decided to start pulling outlets from their boxes to check. Fortunately, in terms of time saving I started at the back wall of the RV. The first one I pulled had a lot of dust in it. Blew it out with canned air, checked the connections and but it back in. Next plug, same thing. For grins I turned on the circuit and it did not trip. So here is what I found. We live in a normally very low humidity area. On looking back, the days it was tripping the humidity was up. That, combined with the the dust in the outlet boxes was what was tripping the GFCI. Hope my story helps you track down your problem.
  11. That looks interesting but I see no indication that it is certified safe for drinking water.
  12. Does the storage building have hookup for washer/dryer? If not, is that something that could be done?
  13. Could you post, on your Craigslist ad if no where else, pictures from the rear of the truck? Thanks.
  14. I am wondering if it has to do with the accuracy capabilities of your phone. While I agree it may not be accurate down to the foot, it seems with my phone it is pretty darned accurate beyond that. I have my phone set to "high accuracy" and it is a Galaxy S7. Now that I am aware of this capability I am going to start watching it for grins and giggles.
  15. While not exactly what you are looking for (I think), I got curious, and found that if you have a Google account and if you keep location services turned on on your cell phone then Google tracks you with some pretty amazing accuracy. Your location timeline is only accessible by you so you can not share it in real time as far as I can see. However, you can also download your location timeline in .kml format and display it on Google Earth if you want others to see your location and travels. I tried it out and it was very accurate. Better yet, my daughter, who flew from Texas to visit us in Colorado, tried it on her phone and it even tracked her flight. Here is a link for more info: