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  1. That looks interesting but I see no indication that it is certified safe for drinking water.
  2. Does the storage building have hookup for washer/dryer? If not, is that something that could be done?
  3. Could you post, on your Craigslist ad if no where else, pictures from the rear of the truck? Thanks.
  4. I am wondering if it has to do with the accuracy capabilities of your phone. While I agree it may not be accurate down to the foot, it seems with my phone it is pretty darned accurate beyond that. I have my phone set to "high accuracy" and it is a Galaxy S7. Now that I am aware of this capability I am going to start watching it for grins and giggles.
  5. While not exactly what you are looking for (I think), I got curious, and found that if you have a Google account and if you keep location services turned on on your cell phone then Google tracks you with some pretty amazing accuracy. Your location timeline is only accessible by you so you can not share it in real time as far as I can see. However, you can also download your location timeline in .kml format and display it on Google Earth if you want others to see your location and travels. I tried it out and it was very accurate. Better yet, my daughter, who flew from Texas to visit us in Colorado, tried it on her phone and it even tracked her flight. Here is a link for more info:
  6. Add me to the list of folks not liking the new format. I will try it for a day or so, but as it stands now, I will be leaving. Unfortunate, as there is a lot of good info here, but not enough to make me have to wade through the junk to get to it.
  7. Walmart carries an all natural cleaner that is free of scents and dyes. My daughter-in-law uses it and it seems to work well.
  8. I still have Media Center on my computer because I upgraded the computer from Windows 7. However, there are some free applications that work in place of Media Center. Two I know of are Media Portal and NextPVR.
  9. Late arrival to this topic, but what we did was use our computer. You may not have room, or want to take the room, but we have a desktop computer with a digital TV tuner card in it. I hooked it to the OTA and recorded shows (only one at a time) and shows were recorded to the Hard drive of the computer. We could play back on the RV's TV.
  10. Here in Colorado your license plate fees are based on the age and weight of the vehicle. There is an ownership tax based on age which as far as I know goes the general tax fund. Then there are the weight fees which are split between "road safety" and "bridge" funds. Sounds good right? However, these funds are NOT reserved for what it sounds like they should be, but are the whim of the legislators as technically the law was written to allow the money to be spent on "transportation solutions" which could be light rail, or street cars, but not necessarily roads. If the this approach was taken and the funds were specifically retained and used for roads, I believe it would be a good solution. On another note, here locally in the Pikes Peak region a 1% sales tax was passed to fund the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority. The title to me sounds funny as there is not a lot of rural in the second most populous county in the state. However, in addition to partially funding the Metro bus service the money goes road maintenance and construction and in the respect is working very well. Initially some people balked at a sales tax, but when you think about it everything you buy, even if you walked to the store, had to use a road to get to where you bought it. I personally think this is the best solution for everywhere. The real key to any road funding is to make sure the taxes and fees collected are going to be used for exactly that purpose and nothing else, which is not the case at all in most places.
  11. My phone provider just sent out a push over the weekend to upgrade my S7 to Nougat. I was a little hesitant but after I did some research went ahead with the upgrade. I can tell you I am glad I did. I have not fully explored all the new features but I can tell you already that there are 2 that I love. First, is the changes made to extend the battery life. My phone, and using it like I always do, has not been on the charger since Saturday morning when the update was running. This morning more than 48 hours later it still showing a 77% charge. The next feature I like, which should make folks worried about data usage very happy, is the Data Saver feature. It tells you how much data you have used and if you turn the feature on will kill all background apps the use data to save you usage. The look and feel of some things is a little different but so far I am liking it. Here is a link to some of the features:
  12. Another solution is to use only AGM batteries. Problem solved.
  13. I could be wrong in my thinking, but I worry about those less than I do a mislabeled highway underpass. Highways occasionally get repaved which make a difference in the clearance which might not be corrected and you would be hard pressed to pin liability on a government entity. Campgrounds and gas stations do not have that governmental protection and therefore are more likely to be accurate in what they post because they can be sued for liability. My two cents.
  14. Well, no. With the wife and I being alumni of KU and K-State, respectively that wasn't going to happen. But game days were great for shopping downtown, never an issue with parking and you practically had the stores to yourself.
  15. I had 4 overseas assignments and only one stateside assignment aside from schools. The schools were one year long so I guess you could almost count them as stateside which I will for this. Best: Edzell, Scotland Monterey, California (3 times) Rota, Spain (2 times) San Miguel, Philippines Worst: Lincoln, NE (recruiting) I would note that my time in San Miguel and Rota also included a lot of TDY "haze gray underway" time, 8 different ships, which afforded a lot opportunity to see a lot of Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Italy, Israel, Greece, Sardinia, and Balearic Islands. As a family were able to visit Germany, Portugal, England and Wales. All in all I (we) enjoyed all our time, even Lincoln (aside from the duty). Only reason I pushed Rota and San Miguel down was due to the family separation.