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CLASS OF 2007 follow along with us.


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Several people have mentioned that there are too many threads to follow concerning the class of 2007, so I'm posting this so we can post on one thread.


The rally is over, if the weather is OK tomorrow we will head to Tucson for a night, then Benson until Monday. After Benson we will start meandering across the country back to Kentucky for the doctor appointments.


The rally has been a blast, and the food tonight was GREAT, we hope to see everyone somewhere down the road.

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Great Carletta, uh, I mean Joe,...you're right....we really can't follow too many threads!!


And what a great week...we just finished watching the DVD Rick Travers made of the Cactus Queen contest and we are still laughing! You guys are the best!!! And BIG thanks to Rick for the DVD! He had the hardest job of all since he really couldn't laugh and hold the camera still at the same time!!


Thanks for the memories everyone! We'll sure miss being together, but the next reunion will be just as fun!


Safe travels & Hugs to all!

Molly & Bob

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If I am not mistaken, the Class of '07 collected for the CARE project both at the graduation and at the Gypsy Journal Rally. I think that this is getting to be a tradition that we should all try to uphold as we plan and carry out our future get-togethers. icon_cool.gif


What say you?

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As usual I had too much going on to spend enough time with my classmates but really enjoyed what little I time I did get with ya'll.


I'd also like to officially welcome Doug & JoAnn Dubrouillet to the class. I first met then at the RV Life on Wheels, May 2006. We all planned on full-timing that year. Neither of us made it...but they did in 2007 and asked me what they needed to do to become class members. I told them to post here and sit with us here at the rally. So join me in welcoming them, their blog is here here.


I'll be staying here at the fairgrounds one more day...not up to trying to load up my bike in the rain (dead battery so it will need to be pushed and I also have to unload a ton of stuff first and then reload it...hoping for a spot of dry ground in the morning). I'll be at the FAMCAMP (as a guest) in Tuscon for a week or so, then off to Yuma and some more boondocking.


Catch ya all on the road. It's been AWESOME!!!

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Joe thanks for starting our official new thread.


Everyone who started fulltiming in 2007 is automatically a member of the Class of 2007. There is nothing official you need to do to become a member. We have no officers (we do have cat herders) and no rules, other than to have BIG FUN!!! .


Even though "dis-organization" is out motto, we would like to have everyone's email address. We promise not to fill up your in boxes with tons of email, but if something special comes up we would like to be able to let everyone know quickly by email.


So, please send me an email with your names and where you used to call home before you started fulltiming. Yes, even those of you who think I should already have your email. norah@rvinglover.com


We will be posting an interest survey (right here) to help determine the when and where for our next Class of 2007 gathering. So, be thinking about where you might be in 2009 and check back for the survey in a couple of days.




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Well it sounds as if everyone had a great time at the GJR and we are sorry that we couldn't join you. Ron and I are settled in here at the Balcones Canyonland NWR. I seem to have been drafted as a teacher/interpretor for the educational programs and boy do we have a lot of them for kids over the next three months. I now know more about social insects than I thought possible.....or forgot since 10th grade biology class. As for "Orchard Mason Bee's I seem to be the local expert now. Ron is busy doing maintenance and invasive plant work. The RV pads are at a ranch that the refuge owns and it sure is beautiful....windy up here on the hill.. but the sunsets are worth it. Our cell phone service sucks but the aircard for the laptop works pretty well.Some of you expressed an interests in stopping by on your way thru Texas. There are multiple RV Parks in the area ( Marble Falls) and meeting up with you for " Pie Hour" at the Blue Bonnett Cafe would be a treat for us all.

So just e-mail us and let us know when you will be here. We generally work Tue thru Thur. but I have a couple weekend "teaching" gigs coming up.

Safe travels to all....We are sure proud of the impressive amount you have all gathered for CARE. Thank you so much Bobbie & Jim for sending it in. We look forward to seeing all of you down the road so keep in touch.

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We are in agreement with one thread.We sure had a great time at GJR I think everyone did. (Nick Russel you put on a great rally) I believe there are two types of people out there. Those that are in the class of 2007 and those that wish they were. Next year Kathy informed me That I would enter the Cactus Beauty Queen contest but I'am not sure that there is enough alcohol to get me up there. Sal you were great and so was everyone.We are up at Lake Pleasant regional park till Tuesday then we plan on going to Benson for a month.Everyone take care drive safe.

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Talk about mud slinging,,,, there was quite a bit going on here, no not the gossip type I.m talking real mud.

A couple rigs had to be pulled out of the mud after the rain Thursday night, Tony's rig was in the middle of the lake when they got up, as were a few others. The fine dust created here in the desert by traffic QUICKLY turns into mud when water is added and it rained about all night Thursday and all day Friday.

Today (Sat) we will try and slide through the mud to exit the fairgrounds on our way to Tucson. We had a GR8 time here at the GJR and are thinking about September in OH this year.

Everyone travel safely, and we hope to see ya somewhere along the trail.

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Hi Class of 2007,


We had a great time with you guys at the GJR. You are a bunch of really great people and love ya all.


Nora and Bobbie, how did the driving go today, Molly drove all the way to Mesa, she did a great job. Today was the TECs turn to drive as some took lessons at the GJR. icon_biggrin.gif


My upper lip looks like I've been snake bit after running into a slideout this morning and I have a big goose egg over my right eye. Guess I need to look where I'm going icon_smile.gif. Sal I owe you one icon_eek.gif


We're here at Mesa Regal, Love the concrete and full hookups after a few days in the mud icon_frown.gif The sun is out here and it's getting warm and the hot tubs are beckoning icon_smile.giff


Evertone keep in touch and let us know where you are.


Miss BoomBoom Betty Bedwetter Aka: Bob

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Hi All,

Patti and I want to say thanks to all the great 2007 people at the GJR. We had a BLAST. We are already looking forward to the next get-together. On Friday we got our new tires in Quartzsite (thanks Jay for recommending the tire place) and made it to Chiriaco Summit CA. before settling in for the night. We stayed in a parking lot next to the Patton Museum. In the morning we visited the museum before going to Joshua Tree NP. If you are passing through on rte 10, stop at the museum, it is certainly worth it. Looking forward to seeing y'all on the road.

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Thanks Joe and Marcia, the new thread should serve us well. Connie and I did Apache Trail today. An 80 mile ride through World Class scenery. IMHO, it's comparable to the Grand Canyon.


If you're still in AZ or planning to go there, you can check it out here.


It's good enough that we're planning to do it again in the reverse direction for a little different perspective.


Headed for Benson area tomorrow, and hopefully staying in Southern AZ for about a month.


Be safe out there.



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Hi All


We have settled in at Surprise and will be here for a month. Then we'll head north to Nev. before turning east.

The 1st task today will be mud removal.

Paul thanks for the info. We'll be taking that trip while we're here.


Safe Travels and Enjoy! Enjoy!



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Hi All,


Thanks Joe for starting this post.


We are in Mesa at Valle Del Oro for two more days. They have over 1,700 sites here. Good Grief!!


It is nice to have full hookups for a few days. I think Pamela has the laundry caught up so we will be moving over to either Usry park or Lost Dutchman State Park. Both have two week limits, so we will do both over the next month.


Stopped and got grandkid hugs today. Made wading through the mud worth while.


Take care and hope to meet up with class members soon. If you will be in the Mesa, AJ area give a shout.


Tony aka Nurse (retired)

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We pulled into the SKP park in Benson yesterday afternoon. The park is completely full, so we are dry camping until they have a site for us; probably Monday. Joe and Marsha arrived this afternoon pulling in right next to us, and Terry and Mike are just up the hill -- Let the good time continue!!!! icon_biggrin.gif


We plan to be here for a couple of weeks, before heading south of Tucson for some more boondocking.

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Those pics are hilarious icon_biggrin.gif

I guess that I had better be getting Ron dressed up for the event in Ohio which we definetly plan on attending. But you all know its easy to twist his arm.

The storms missed us here yesterday. We did have cold temps and some rain but no hail as predicted.

Patty....alls well that ends well icon_wink.gif

Anyone comingthis direction????

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Hi all,

Safely back at the SKP park in Benson. As Howie said, it's full up. First time this year.

We too had a blast at the GJR. Thanks for posting the shots on the blog site. It was nice getting to see some shots from a different perspective. I knew I should have hunted up a tripod to help hold the video camera steady.

Looking forward to spending some more time with our fellow classmates as they arrive here at the park for a bit.

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Hi Gang. We are over at the I-10 RV Park in Benson. It sure was good to take a long hot shower and to be able to watch the race without the gen. noise. We had a great time at the rally. What a blast.. We will be by to see you guys at the SKP park before we head on to So Texas on Tuesday...Bob are you sure it wasn't Molly's rt.???? If you see me with a shiner, know it was from Fay.

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