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  1. My experience tells me that they would consider that your rocks were valuable items obtained through a long distance trade route. They would consider that you might be a high status person to have such rocks. At least that's how we determine things like obsidian arrowheads and glass beads (for example) from the past now.
  2. We are in Sacramento, CA for the winter -- camp hosting in the office (on the weekends) at the Cal Expo RV Park. Those of you heading north/south along the I-5 let us know. We would love to see you.
  3. We will be camp hosting at Cove Palasaides State Park in Oregon just north of Redmond, Or for May and June. Would love to see anyone heading to the PNW along hwy 97.
  4. TX Bobcat, if you haven't already received an invite to the FB class of 2007 page, email me at norah@rvinglover.com and I'll send you an invite to the class page. Norah
  5. We would love to see you guys. We will be in northern California running around between Redding, Sacramento and the Sierra Skp park (not necessarily in that order) between Oct 1st and early December, and sometimes back and forth. We only have a couple of appointments so we are pretty flexible. Keep us posted on your travel plans and lets see if we can make it happen.
  6. That was in a regular vehicle - January - with 15 feet of snow piled up on both sides of the road.
  7. We are soooo looking forward to seeing you both; come by anytime. Hwy 227/62 is a typical 2 lane mountain road; it shouldn't be a problem for you. Although, Howie says we haven't been on it in 10 years.
  8. Hi guys, We are in Sutherlin, OR at the SKP park and will be here until the 17th or 18th. Have to pick up 2 new front tires for the MH on Sept 18th (Seven Feathers) before heading back to California and the Montague Balloon Fair. Let us know when you might be heading through here. Hugs, Norah & Howie
  9. Glad to hear that my shoe record still holds.. Actually got rid of 2 pairs recently, but then that made up for the 2 pairs I bought in Washington last summer. Gosh! that means I haven't bought any NEW shoes in 9 months
  10. Oooooo, Howie is going to be so jealous when I tell him. He almost has some fond memories of the last he was there, with all of you ;-)
  11. A sad note from Carolyn Wilkerson's daughter this morning -- she will be missed by those of us who knew her. There is no easy way to say such things so I've decided to say of Mom on this day what she said of Keith 3 1/2 years ago...."On April 12, at 10 am the Rev. Carolyn Wilkerson joined the Great Church Triumphant". My step-brother Keith (Denny) Curry Jr. and I were both with her at the end. She is greatly missed and much loved. Thank you-all for your thoughts and prayers. Peace, Megan
  12. Awesome! We are looking forward to your visit. I think the last time we saw you was when you were at Flaming Gorge NP; will never forget that day of rafting in the rain -- good times. Not to worry about Howie, he needs lots of exercise and having visitors seems to invigorate him. He also knows how to say "I'm tired" and take a nap. We are both looking forward to your visit. Norah
  13. Yes he did. And we are happy to have Marty as a neighbor for the next week. I think he was surprised at how good Howie is looking/doing. I know Howie is happy to have Marty to talk guy stuff to.
  14. Sal and Bobbie you are getting close. Are you still coming up to Sacramento? Hope so. Howie and Norah
  15. We are soooo looking forward to your visit. Howie's chemo/radiation treatments start date has been moved to Monday, Nov. 14th. The only thing on next week's calendar (as of this minute) is Monday the 9th he has to have a chest and spine MRI. It will be really good for him to have some "guy time" with Jim, and of course some estrogen time for us girls is a necessity ;-)
  16. Well we know a little more now. There is a growth in Howie's upper left lung and it rates pretty high on the SUV scale: 2.5 or less is normal; his is 14+, which suggests cancer. Now we are waiting for a biopsy to be schedule for the final word. The really good thing is that it has not metastisized.
  17. Howie had a CTscan last week that showed something in his upper left lung and 2 very small nodules, but not enough information for a diagnosis. Yesterday he saw a pulmonologist, and we are now waiting for a PETscan to be scheduled. This may be nothing more than an infection or "exotic disease; we are very optimistic.
  18. For those not on FB who might want Fay's address; Fay Carter 6604 S Birch Ave Broken Arrow, OK 74011
  19. Its a very sad day. Jay Carter passed away this morning at 3:55 am. His memorial service will be this Wed at 10 am at the Tulsa Historical Society. I spoke with Fay's sister and she said Fay is resting. I don't know any other information at this time.
  20. Joe, getting lots of weird emails from you. I'll bet someone has hacked your email account. At least I hope you aren't sending out emails with no subject and just a link in them. Norah
  21. Hanging at Evergreen SKP park until at least the end of July... then we'll see. If all goes as planned we will make Q in January.
  22. Link to Marty's blog from yesterday Okay Marty so that's 1; hope we get all our sightseeing in before they catch you out of compliance 2 more times.
  23. For those who are not on Facebook who may not have heard. Paul Anderson passed away early this morning. It's a sad day for the Class of 2007. Connie address is: 6100 SW 57th Ave Ocala FL 34474
  24. Yeah sure, Dave. But I'll bet they'd be more afraid if I said I was a carnivore! LOL Miss you guys.
  25. We finished up our first camp hosting assignment on the Oregon coast on Monday and moved to the fair grounds in Salem, Oregon for 2 days of new host training. The best part was our full day of verbal judo training and a Q & A session with 15 experienced camp hosts. We'll be here in Salem for a couple of more days then on Sunday we move to our next assignment at Cove Palisades State Park at Billy Chinook lake north of Redmond, Or. We hear that it is a party park and our verbal judo trainer provided many examples of problem solving strategies from his time as a ranger at Cove Palisades. He chuckled when we told him we would be there for Memorial Day Weekend; one of the BIG party weekends -- should be fun. As always our thoughts are with all our classmates who are struggling with health issues. Hugs to all, Norah & Howie
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