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  1. Yes, there is a craft "show-and-sell" for handmade items on Wednesday in the craft room. Details and sign-up will be available on Sunday (opening day) in the craft room. Normally it runs from 12 noon to 3 PM.
  2. Take a look in Florida, especially Tampa and Orlando. Might search Craigslist for some leads and then look at dealers etc. Many RVing folks settle there and thus sell rigs when they "downsize". There are many large dealers so lots of price competition and lots to choose from. Just a suggestion that might help...and it's a little closer than going out west. Plus it's a lot warmer there right now than NY! (Any excuse for a trip to warm temps is a good one!) Best of luck! Bob & Molly
  3. The suggestion above for Adventure Bound Resort in Tucson is a good one. It's on Houghton Road and very close to Pima County Fairground. Looked very nice when we were there and should accomodate any rig size. Voyager RV Resort was another good suggestion above; it's quite nice and located nearby as well. Monthly rates are reasonable but nightly stays are a bit pricey, as is the norm for the location/season. It's a perfect time to explore Tucson. The temps in late March are normally very pleasant. Could be cool or could be warm, but normally not uncomfortable either way that time of year in Tucson. Hope you can work it out! Bob & Molly
  4. Sorry to be so late Greg....just saw your post; hugs to Jean and hope all is well for both of you! We are in Moab, running some trails and will soon head to Gillette. Busy days for sure! Hugs!
  5. Hi there..If you need better directions to find the SKP's Happy Hours, feel free to call us 804-761-7358 or 7357. We'll be around much of the time, so let us know if you arrive! Happy trails and look forward to meeting you! Bob & Molly

  6. Linda, Kevin and Arlene were in Boerne in 2010 so you might remember them from there. They've also been at Escapade's and other events. Some of the first adoptees and really sweet folks. Kevin was a great guy and friend...will surely be missed! Please keep Arlene in your prayers!
  7. Dear Fay, we keep you both in our prayers. Tough decisions, and you made the right one. You cannot take care of him, if you don't take care of yourself. Big hugs and love you both!!
  8. We are in Southern Utah for a few more days and then head north to Salt Lake City, then Thayne & Jackson Hole, WY and to Rexburg, Idaho (Rainbow Lake) for most of July, then over to Gillette...we think we'll do Escapade! Then will head east...Red Bay, Alabama, Defeated COE park in Tennessee in October, then back to Virginia the end of October and we'll be there thru Christmas as we have a long-awaited addition to our little family in December. We will probably stay east for the winter so that we can practice playing 'grands' and will make a trip to Florida sometime during the winter. Probably won't make Q, since I'm changing my name to NAN...but will catch you along the way somewhere!! A busy and fun year... should see some of you along the way...hugs to all, especially Connie, Hank, Jay & Fay and others with trying times, you're in our thoughts and prayers!
  9. Paul will be truly missed, as he was, indeed, so much the heart of us...Nothing but hugs for our buddy, and for Con...love you both. In her wonderful way, Connie expressed her love and sorrow, for all of us: As I'm sure many of you already know, Paul passed away peacefully Thursday June 9th at 4:20 AM. Funny how we remember important dates, birthdays, anniversaries and such, but not the time of day… Strange how my mind works in times of stress… Paul was my best friend. He taught me so much, but mostly to love myself, and that it was ok to be a bit odd. He loved me for what I am and only tried to encourage me to do more. Become a chimney sweep - are you crazy, but he knew I could pass the test and better our business - I still owe you, John, for that nasty trick you played on me! :-) - but Paul knew better. Sometimes he tried to come across as a tough guy, but he was such a softy. He loved me, and told me so almost daily. While we were traveling in the motor home we went so many places because I wanted to. I'd catch him just smiling behind me while I was in awe over something our beautiful country had to offer. He wanted me to love the full-time lifestyle as much as he did, but he understood our differences and more times than not, "gave in" to make me happy. Life isn't always fair and we don't always get to choose, but I was lucky enough to meet the love of my life. Thanks, Jean, for the introduction and thanks, Mikey, for convincing me to get married again. Loosing the two most important men in my life within the same year is horrible and my heart is broken into a million little pieces. However, life still goes on; we still need to laugh; and we still need to acknowledge that Paul could be a loveable PIA. :-) Paul would be humbled by the outpouring of love and support. I am honored that he chose me 20 years ago to spend the rest of his life with. I am proud to know how many lives he touched. I had the most wonderful 20 years with Paul and figured on at least 30 more, but this is one of those things we don't necessarily get to choose. Thank you all so very, very much for all of your kind words, prayers, and support. I have no adequate words to express my gratitude. Thank you for caring about my husband. Please, all of you be kind to yourselves and tell anyone in your life daily how much you love them. Sweeps luck, travel safe, hugs to you all! Connie (Posted by Connie's request) Calling hours will be held at the Jackson & Betz Funeral Home in Fultonville, NY, on Saturday, July 23rd from 1-2 pm, followed immediately by a memorial service. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made in Paul's name to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, 2155 Commercial Drive, Plainfield, IN 46168 or to the Hospice of Marion County, 3231 SW 34th Ave., Ocala, FL 34474.
  10. Hi guys...talked to Connie and she wants everyone to know that they moved Paul to a room today and removed the ventilator, etc. He is breathing on his own, labored, and about the same as the last few days. She said he seems to respond to some things, but then she thinks maybe she is just being very hopeful. It is very much a 'wait & see' at this point, and a tough place to be. She sounds exhausted and is probably still in a state of shock, but she is still hoping and praying for a miracle...let's all keep on doing the same. It would be great if he would just sit up and say "What in the heck have you got me in here for??" She sends hugs and love to all, and huge thanks for the outpouring of support. Keep the prayers going...he truly needs them right now!!
  11. Here is Paul & Connie's address if you would like to have it: 6100 SW 57th Avenue Ocala, FL 34474 Hugs to all and especially to those struggling!!!
  12. Hi guys...Matthew (Connie's son) just called with an update on Paul; he is in stable but critical condition, and still basically unresponsive. He said the docs and nurses are very hopeful for improvement in the next couple of days, so they are staying the course. Keep the prayers going, as they really need them now. Matthew is there with Connie and her mother and Paul's sister will arrive today and tomorrow; she knows we are all there in spirit too. So, we hope for the best for Paul and send our prayers and best wishes to both of them!! Hugs!
  13. Hugs to Hank and the family; we'll miss Patti, what a jewel she was and lots of fun times were shared. Great memories, and it was an honor to know her. Heaven has another angel. So many fond and fun times have been shared with this group...it's so sad to see any of our folks suffer, and it seems we have too many doing so. Now Paul needs our prayers and thoughts, and Connie too, so we'll keep 'em coming! Hugs to Jay & Fay too...everyone stay well and travel safely! We are in Southern Utah, (St George)slowly heading to Idaho and on to Gillette. Look forward to seeing many of you soon!
  14. Hugs to all y'all in Yuma!! We sure enjoyed the last two luncheons there and a wonderful winter there!! We're at North Ranch now, so we'll miss this one. Tell Ed & Elaine we said Hi!! Molly & Bob
  15. No Harry, just need to replace the front AC unit. La Mesa is going to do it here in Yuma and Tiffin is covering it under warranty for us..they have been very good about that, so all in all, it is just fine. Hope you're doing well...hope to see you on the road somewhere!!! Hugs!
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