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Registration of HDT in Texas


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Hello.  I am considering changing my domicile to Texas from South Dakota.  I understand that beginning Jan 1 2025 Texas will no longer require vehicle registrations.  Our timeline is to get our drivers license in Dec 2024 (while we are in Texas) and then register our Volvo, RV, and smart in Texas in January.  Will I be able to register my vehicles on-line or by mail.  Will I have any problems registering my Volvo as an RV if it is already registered as a RV in South Dakota?

Any guidance would be appreciated

Thank you.


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I wouldn't anticipate any problems with registration if you're already titled and registered as an RV in South Dakota.  The fly in the ointment in your anticipated timeline is that Texas is going to require that your vehicles -- all of them, not just the RV -- be registered in Texas BEFORE you're able to obtain your Texas drivers licenses.  You will be required to sign an affidavit to that effect prior to being permitted to obtain your Texas licenses.



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I'm a recent Texas resident and have three commercial trucks that have been converted to an RV.  One was already registered as a motorhome in another state and all that was required is... https://www.txdmv.gov/motorists/new-to-texas

Getting your Texas Driver's License will be a process for an HDT.  Texas residents may be required to get an "Exempt Class B or Class A" license... https://escapees.com/texas-drivers-license-requirements-for-rvers/#:~:text=Texas operators of RVs for,“Class A (or B)

I recently converted a 2015 Freightliner Cascadia 113 into a motorhome and that was a "4-tripper" to the registration office to get it approved. The third one...well its still registered in another state because I'm going to sell it and don't want to pay any more taxes. 

Just a minor correction to your original comment...Texas is doing away with "Annual Inspections" on vehicles in 2025, not registrations. 

I'm a very familiar face at my local registration office and have learned a lot in the last 2 years registering about 12 various kinds of vehicles.

Any questions or need help...just ask.

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If you are looking for permanent registration, the State of Montana allows for it for RVs that are over 11 years old, and it only costs $237.  In case you have not heard there are entire industries set up to register RVs in Montana and it is quiet a simple process

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Just be aware, the normal process to register in Montana is to form a LLC, or  Limited Liability Corporation.  If some eagle eye LEO wants to be a stickler, you are now commercial.  While I don't know anyone who's been caught, I wouldn't want to be the first.

I do know, some states are starting to crack down on Montana LLC vehicles.  Kentucky hit some houseboat owners on Lake Cumberland who'd avoided the sales tax on expensive boats.

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