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Full-timers with stocked kitchen traveling to Canada


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Good day everyone,  

We plan to travel to Canada for a couple months this summer.  As full timers we have a fully stocked kitchen.  We also have two pet rabbits.  

Are there any full timers here who have traveled into Canada?

We looked over Canadian customs online information.  It's our understanding if we get boarded by customs they will not permit:

> food condiments, spices, fruit vegetables, eggs, diary, cooking oils, honey

> no knives

> pets without medical records

So we have concluded that to be safe, before we cross we should throw out many of our food items and get rid of all our kitchen knives.  And we have no vaccination or medical records for the rabbits.

Can anyone here speak to this?

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In order of your list: any kitchen staples are permitted, keep them in their original packaging to prove the origin. Citrus fruit is a year by year restriction. Leafy veg, pretty much leave stateside. Same for potatoes. Canned items will be allowed, assuming store bought. Frozen stew, soup, or any combined meal, follow the previous. 

Kitchen utensils are not an issue, unless you're flying.

Pets will need a Rabies vaccination report, along with a vet signed certificate of health.

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3 hours ago, Darryl&Rita said:

In order of your list:

That fits with our experience and our motorhome was searched when we entered on year. There were two officers who did the search and they were courteous and very efficient. As far as I know, the didn't even look very closely at what our food stuffs were. 

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Rabbits don't need any papers:

https://www.gopetfriendly.com/blog/taking-your-dog-to-canada/#:~:text=Pet rabbits from the United,days prior to entering Canada.

Your pantry, refrigerator/freezer - (no problem with spices, etc.)


The important think is to take your sunglasses off, look at them directly and answer questions but don't volunteer chatter.  Don't try to hide anything.

As full-timers we've crossed multiple times.  The only problem we had was with a 3" dog repellant spray that we always carried when biking.  We owned up to it when asked.  He examined it carefully - reading the label & then took it inside the booth.  He came out and said "I'm very sorry but only bear spray is allowed".  😄  It was probably worth a couple bucks!

We also consumed our fresh refrigerated items before crossing so we didn't have to toss anything.  Meat purchases that we had in freezer were still in their original packages and they weren't a problem at the time.  

Liquor/Beer:  Check for the allowable amount.  Anything over will have a very small fee - not enough to consume fast beforehand 😁 or to dump it out.

I'd recommend checking the web sites just before crossing as things change occasionally.

Have a great trip!

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Here is the Canadian government's information on importing pets:

Bringing animals to Canada: Importing and travelling with pets - Canadian Food Inspection Agency

In part, it says: "Pet rabbits from the United States do not require an import permit or health certificate."

There is additional information on importing rabbits on the above page.

When we've crossed over into Canada, the only thing we've been asked about were firearms and alcohol...they didn't even ask to see information about our dog!  And while customs may ask about different or additional items, I'm pretty confident that you will be able to keep your kitchen knives!

Oh, and keep your rabbit food in its original bag.  While the above site doesn't mention that, I know for dogs and cats, you must have the food in the original container, so I'd play it safe on that front.

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Although it's been a while, I've been to Canada - Saskatchewan and Alberta - a number of times to go hunting for a couple weeks.  Always had firearms on us, with whatever amount of ammo was allowed per gun, the legally allowed amount of booze, and papers for the dog.  Usually crossed over in some remote station on a back road where the local customs guy was more interested in getting off work to go hunting himself than in checking our stuff.  A couple times while standing in the office all he asked was, "You follow all the rules and have a rabies cert for your dog?"  "Yes, sir."  "Have a good time in Canada, eh...gotta go now."

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