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Kubota Generator

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 Mornin jen and jon, Sorry NOPE I've never run one to answer your question, but until someone arrives who has, here are a few thoughts:

1) Since an RV panel (unlike homes) has separate insulated and isolated Neutral and Ground busses and 2) Since an EMS or other protectors may go bonkers and throw error codes if it doesn't sense a Neutral Ground Bond, IF NOT ALREADY CONFIGURED (as likely already is) I suggest use of or configuring a genset for powering an RV be wired with a BONDED Neutral..

NOTE some smaller portable gensets come from the factory with a FLOATING Neutral while others come with a BONDED Neutral, but many larger units come BONDED  

2) A typical 50 Amp RV park power pedestal is supplied by a 120/240 Volt Single Phase Three Wire (like typical household) service and that would be my generator preference even if other wiring configurations can still "work". Such might come into play if the RV was equipped with 240 volt appliances such as a dryer etc. USUALLY NOT A CONCERN I'm just saying..

3) Its been my experience a Diesel is MUCH quieter than a loud screaming 3600 RPM gas unit GOOD CHOICE

Best wishes, Happy 4th of July 

John T


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It's good to know Onan uses the same engine. Onan diesel generators are roughly twice the price. The Kubota generator has its own fuel tank. So, I have the flexibility to use it when we travel then take it off truck and use it around the farm. Technically the Farm will be buying it and I will be "borrowing" it from myself. 

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Update. I got the 7,000. It's used with 1700 hours and paid $3,000 for it. Less than half price of new. Technically the farm bought it and as an employee I get to "borrow it". The boss is using it his week with his much smaller 30-amp trailer. He said its working just fine. I tried it out on my trailer and as expected I can only run one AC. That is fine with me its way better than what I had before. 

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BobbyB is right, if you can only run one air conditioner the 7,000w genset must have something amiss. I have a 2,800w-continous Boliy genset that will run one 13.5K and one 15K air conditioner at the same time.

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