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Anyone else having issues with TV reception?

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I'm in a park that has cable connections to each site. I think it's from one of the satellite providers, but not sure which one. I guess it could also be the local "Cable Companies". 

All was good until sometime last week when I could get no channels for a day. Ran the channel scan and nothing came up. Another day I ran the scan using "Antenna" and got 4 channels I haven't had before, then they went away. 

I keep forgetting to call while I'm at work to see if the park is having an issue. I haven't seen where the Sun has been doing anything major, or maybe I'm not looking at the right news. 

Anyone else having issues? I'm in SEMO right now. 



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In general, we have had very poor cable service in RV parks.  Especially the older parks with all the older cabling.  The connections in the parks take a real beating because of the way some people treat them when connecting.  Be sure to call the park office and have them check the cable at your site.  Is it possible to run a cable over to the neighbors' site and check if it works for you on a different post?  If they are home, just knock on the door and ask if you can try their connection.


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I can't recall having had much problem with park cable when supplied but the first thing that I would so in your case is to contact the office to see if the problem is the entire park. You could also ask one of the others in the park to see if they have had any of the same sort of problems. 


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